Wednesday, 31 March 2010

ok comrades - we've hit action stations - I need your intel

I am not going to stress.  I am stress free.  See my face (well no!), tis stressless.

There has been a little blip.  Gah.  It is not important, I am breathing and all is zen.  I am not a lady who needs to stress.  Things will be fine.  (Oh yes I think it is mantra time!).

Things were bumbling along rather nicely.  One might even say hunky dory.  Oh what I fool am I!

Without going into details we may have lost our wonderful photographers.  These words almost make me cry.  They are awesome but circumstances change and I only wish them awesomeness and happiness.  I'm not sure they will ever read this but huggles and super happy eekables, (I promise).

So comrades (you know I count you as my comrades) I need you contacts of wonderfulness. Show me your favourite photographers, offer your services, oh lovelies, just offer ideas.

I know this is may be greedy but I really want that one photograph of our nuptials that takes me back to that moment, a moment where everything and anything was possible.

Novice or expert - I want you
Boringness need not apply - I want someone who loves their craft
Travellers - I want someone who could travel to deepest darkest Northumberland
Weird colourists scare me - I don't like photographs to look like Schindler's List
Lomo/Holga/more fabulously obscure camera lovers - I love you
Triptychs make me smile - I love you
Smiling - I want you to enjoy our party, to feel part of our world for but a moment in time, but in that moment I hope you can capture the true love I feel for my Bean and our people.

Please. Comrades I am counting on you.

Kisses, anna x


  1. Oh dear. We're in the thick of the photog hunt too, and it looks like our lists are nearly identical. It's hard to find it at an affordable price, isn't it? Wish I could help more, but the only UK folks I know (and love) are Lillian and Leonard. Truly our dream photographers, but I can't justify such travel expenses for photos. Oh good luck with this.

  2. Oh no; thats rubbish!

    Im not sure I can be much help since I only know of Edinburgh ones.

    Hope you can find another soon!

  3. Edinburgh is cool - it's only across the border!

  4. Why oh why do vendors have to cancel on you? Hopefully this means the universe has a much better photographer headed your way! Sorry I can't help from this side of the globe.

  5. Oh crap monkeys to quote you! Right I'm on the case they might all be Scotland based but we'll find you someone. Do you want one photog or a team? Photo blogs that I follow: - I think they are Gaynor's photographers - he did my friends wedding a couple of years ago and was fantastic - is doing my friends wedding in 17 days so I can give you a review after that.

    Those are my ideas of the top of my head will do more investigating and get back to you. Big hugs we will make it all ok I promise. x

  6. We've booked the lovely Emma Case who's based in Birmingham but is coming all the way to Argyll for our wedding.

  7. Nice people I follow on Teh Twittah - alas all of these are more the south end but whatever, they all rock so I'm sure they'd travel..
    @josephyarrow (Bristol)
    @emilyquinton (London)
    @elizacphoto (Kent)
    oh, and Peonies?

    Also, sad face for your photographer loss :( Good luck, Comrade.

  8. you will defo love Emma Case then (i emailed you a huge list of recommendations) oh and by the way...our venue cancelled on us 3 months before our wedding and we sorted that out..and ended up with a better one! So things will always turn out for the best!

  9. I there just tweeted you but thought I would drop you a line....

    I would love to be considered if you are still looking. I'm based in the Midlands and I'm currently on my 2nd full season as a wedding photographer... I shoot a lot of live music so like to bring a touch of that to weddings but I also love vintage 50s stuff (my quiff is a bit of a give away:)
    My website is - its under going a makeover at the moment so please be gentle with it. I also have a blog which you can find at

    Good luck with your search and more importantly your big day:)

    All the best


  10. Just remember my love: everything happens for a reason.

  11. oh I just checked out Emma Case her photos are amazing. (need to keep reminding myself that we have booked our photog and don't need another one). x

  12. Bugger! What's the budget? The only people I considered paying full wack for were Peonies and the Boy, but they were already booked so I've bought a bunch of vintage cameras to load with B&W film, planning on doing the details myself and hired a photographer mainly for groups by advertising the wedding as a job on She's lovely and I think I might get some great shots from her. I got over 30 replies, a few were even competent! Not up to L&L standard though.

    Just a few from Google searches:

    Oh, this guy is pretty good - he works in film too!

    Oh! Holga wedding photographers - again Brighton based

    London based, mixed media (she does lomo too) and utterly brilliant

    You could also buy an old polaroid film for guests to use? Just make sure you can acquire the right film for it before shelling out, many polaroid films are now out of production.

    I love the idea of setting up a vintage, film-only wedding photography business and taking shots using ancient Brownies, lomos, a modified Holga, some classic 35mm B&W photojournalism and medium format or panoramic groups... sigh. (Actually that may be achievable, I already have a 35mm and the aforemention old cameras, Holgas are cheap as chips, it's just the MF stuff..... hmmmm.)

    Well in weddings as in life out of adversity comes creative solutions :D Let us know how you get on...

  13. Your (ex)wedding photographer here, lubbing you and thanking you for your sweetness and wishing you millions of awesomeness and happiness and huggles. And true true regret that I'm going to miss your day, even considering the Why.

    Your peeps are right, a wonderful photographer will come your way, the perfect photographer for you and your boy and they have given you so many great suggestions. (I'm with Catherine all the way in suggesting Marianne, she's hamazing.)

    But still, it's poop on a stick that we can't be there.

    Love, Me and Him. xx

  14. I havn't met L&L, (peonies) but we booked them on the strength of their photos and general lovelieness. I'm in carlisle and we decided to pay the travel costs from glasgow, email them, their costs were reasonable. other than that I can't really recommend, as I'd only looked at local to carlisle ones before that and they weren't a patch on L&L. hope this sorts, and like they all said above me, everything happens for a reason. also the vintage camera thing is super cool. kids and drunk people take great photos :)xx

  15. I've met mirrorbox photography - who are lovely but again Scottish though think they'd be willing to travel but you'd prob have to pay for that.

    So with you on the Schindler's List pics!! ;)

    Hope all works out x

  16. Oooh, sorry to hear about your photographer. I follow one UK photographer on my reader... I don't know much else about her but you can always check her out...

    I hope it works out! Good luck!

  17. Oh that's pants - sorry to hear that you have been let down.
    Well, I might also be able to help, got a few dates remaining for this year, so if you are interested my website is
    I also travel all over the country and abroad!
    Good luck with your hunt!
    Much love
    Caroline X


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