Thursday, 25 March 2010

the jar is now closed!

Thank you.

Perhaps Mrs T summed it up perfectly.
"However if she EVER made another move, I'd say she's out. No second chances."
I have no reason to distrust, the past is the past.  Over. Done. I just needed to voice my worries out loud.

Coolio. Now on to happier things.  Onwards and upwards!

I really think I should talk about some wedding things.  What do you think?


  1. Sure or just pretty or fun stuff like that dance party thing from last time!

  2. Yay pretty stuff be it wedding or otherwise. x

  3. Yes, how are the plans coming? Anything new and fun to report? x

  4. Please do share wedding things! I've been curious.

    However, I think you shouldn't totally discount your worries just because you think it might be jealousy. I don't want to trouble you, but I was in a similar situation with a former boyfriend, and suspected something was wrong with one of his ex's. We fought really loudly about it and then I went to bed. Afterward I did, she tried to make a move. He didn't do anything because he loved me and would never cheat. I didn't find out about it until years after we broke up. But I knew something was wrong all along. Don't discount your judgement but trust your Bean. He sounds like an upstanding fellow. I agree with Mrs. T — if she makes another move she's done.

  5. Glad you closed the jar!

    Yay to wedding loveliness!

  6. good~ keep sharing with us, please....I will waiting your up date everyday!! Have a nice day........................................

  7. Oh I got quoted! I feel a bit famous!!

    Can't wait for more wedding things!!!!!

  8. mrs. t is fabulous and always has helpful advice! and happy to hear you closed the jar! now on to wedding fun!


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