Thursday, 11 March 2010


You guys are super awesome!

I do love the idea that we might need a secret handshake.  Although if we ever meet in "real-life" I will expect at least a covert eyebrow raise.  Yet I want to emphasise that it is not some elitist place where I shall be plotting to take over the wedding world.

In fact I rather hope there will be no talk of weddings.  Whilst the thought of my nuptials has spurred me into action. My happiness and health shall be important to me long after the dust settles and life returns to normal.

Please do not feel left out if I do not ask you to join me straight away.  I think I shall start small and see if things work first! I really intend on this space being a positive enclave for anyone that wants to help or be helped.  If you really want to join in all I ask is you to be a little more active on these pages and let me know you want in!  Due to the rather personal content I promise that the blog will never be made public.  I want people to be able to open up without fear of reproach or judgement.

Do not fret about this little space, I have realised I am yet to update you all on our progress of the wedding.  There is so much to tell.  I just get wrapped up in other ideas and then forget about things that have actually happened.  

Indeed as an inducement to stay with me here.  Here is scale of the problem!  Perhaps the worst but funniest photograph taken.  Yes, when Bean and I went to San Francisco we were one of losers wearing a high visibility jacket in a crocodile on segways.  It was freakin' awesome and yes I look that bad.

Ok.  I have taken down the photo as you are being far too nice.  That photo was hideous. Yet to late I realise the Bean is rather obviously Bean.  I shall have to dig out something equally hideous.  Now that shouldn't be hard.

Expect a secret email in the near future!


  1. Honey, we seriously don't see what you see. What on earth does "that bad" mean? You look like a normal, human (smiling!) woman. I do hope we can help you work through this because I want you to see what people who know and love you see.

  2. high visibility jackets are so in right now.

  3. You are a shortie just like me!!

    You want to hear a funny story? When I was in middle school, I hated my height and felt like a runt. But a friend's mom told me being short was the best height because you could date short boys, medium sized boys, and tall boys. Cracks me up.

  4. I think my last comment got eaten! Balls.

    I agree with everything that A said. We want to be here for you Anna!

  5. such an awesome photo! i am a shortie too! only 5'. yay for shortie brides!

  6. Yeh so I look at that photo and just think "Wow. Great skin, I'd love skin like that..."

  7. anna, you work a high vis jacket like no one else :D seriously, your smile, you look (and sound from your blog) like the loveliest of ladies!
    p.s. Ms. Bunny is right, I'm nearly 6 foot, its hell finding men!

  8. Can't wait to hear more about your wedding!

    And I'd be too scared to try one of those Segways, so to my mind you two look like awesome bad-asses in that picture!

  9. I am with Accordian and Lace. I don't see what you are fretting about, my dear. As far as I am concerned, you look like a happy woman on a segway date with her love. And by the way, I am super jealous that you are riding a segway I have always wanted to try one!

  10. I think I'm in love with this photo. And you and your beautiful self - inside and out. For serious.

    I used to tell J that I wished I could see myself through his eyes and finally get it. (post therapy and post-boudoir, it's sinking in.) So, for you, I wish you could see yourself through our eyes. Truly.

  11. Ooh Segways! You look like two people having fun and I'm kinda jealous!

    I'm e-mailing you soon!

  12. You are so very cute! And I have never seen a cuter couple. You guys look so happy :)

  13. I'm totally riding the cute wagon with everyone here. If we think you look cute in a high vis vest imagine what we'll think of you all dolled up at your wedding!

    YAY for pictures. Thanks for sharing.

    P.s. Are those things hard to ride? I swear I would be completely hopeless at it.

  14. I hope my comment made it through. It said it posted but I can't see it.....

  15. Ok, that picture is hilariously bad. I love it though. It reminds me of a super holiday.

    The segways are awesome. I was so scared that I tried to feign illness but bean would have none of it. Seriously, it is so easy. I could have played around for days! You must try it, one day!

  16. Are you effing kidding me? The way you were carrying on, I thought you were the size of the mom from What's Eating Gilbert Grape? DUDE. You are cute. Stop hating yourself. WE ADORE YOU.

  17. I'm with Cupcake on this one! Stop hating yourself! You are beautiful inside and out! I know how you feel with it all though, I know how you feel...

  18. i think there's something wrong with my computer...

    everyone says that they don't see what you see meaning you're being too hard on yourself.

    I don't see the picture. period. what's happened??

  19. I love you, seriously. I'm with everyone above...we adore you! Love yourself because there's only one of you and it's worth celebrating!(Oh yes, girl, I'm in your boat, too...5'1" and bootylicious. Marks & Spencer makes the best petite jeans I've ever owned, btw. Jus sayin'!)

    A private place to let it all out is what we ALL need. I totally understand not wanting to divulge every little bit of curmudgeondom to Bean. Trust me, it only hurts you both in the long run (and I'm speaking from experience with my big-ass mouth having no edit valve.)

    So. Enough of my blathering. Just wanted to say that I am an Anna fan! :)

  20. Oh no I missed seeing your lovely picture. However 'eekables' - have you just invented a fabulous new word?

  21. Just found your blog and am loving it (and you)!

  22. Haha aww I thought you guys looked really cute :) Nothing says A Great Holiday like a plethora of hilarious outfits and stupid grins! Rich and I have perfected the 'Fat/Thin' face photo duo - standing outside various Worthy Monuments, either puffing up our cheeks or sucking them in. Makes for some great photographic memories. Does nothing for my career as a model.

  23. You do not look bad!

    I so want to try a segway now tho!

  24. The photo is gone so I don't get to see it. : ( But I'm only 5' tall too. Hey, it happens! Truly, can anyone look like a super model on a segway? Okay, maybe super models, but that is it!

    I always tell my guy I wish he could see himself the way I see him. The way the world sees us is never the way we see ourselves. The world loves you! Now it's time to start on the Anna loving Anna part. And I have been there--all the dark places only people who have been there can understand. Hope I can join you. The journey can be long and we all need each other... : )

  25. i just found your blog and the name is sooo good. i would love a ring with it's own blog title. you are a very lucky lady and i can't wait to read more of your blog!

  26. The ring is the thing. As Shirley Bassey sang in 1971:

    I don't need love,
    For what good will love do me?
    Diamonds never lie to me,
    For when love's gone,
    They'll luster on.


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