Sunday, 21 March 2010

a comical pickle

Way back in 2005 my dearest boy and I were parted for another year.  He was completing his postgrad. studies to become a real lawyer.  A hard year for both of us, away from each other, but perhaps not so bad for a Bean?

Indeed the delectable Bean was studying in an increasingly female environment!  Whilst he found new boys to hang with I fear they were a little too sedate for his hedonistic ways. (Well drinkies!) So he found some girls to let his hair down with, bless my metrosexual boy.  Girls really do like him.  One in particular took her fancy to my little Bean.  Let her name shall be Nellie.*  

Much drinking was always involved in their debauched evenings, or so I assume!  All was fine and dandy until one fateful? night where upon much booze had been imbibed and a little bit of dancing led to an attempted move.  Lips were touched, tongue may have entered the Bean's giant mouth. Mostly I feared for my beautiful boy's honour!  When he told me I did treat it rather lightly.  Lightly, I thought it was hilarious and slightly proud that my boy attracted the ladies! The most annoying thing for me was the fear of herpes (she does not have herpes and thankfully I do not either!).  He was not romantically interested, he loves me.  Seriously, not a big deal.

5 years on they are still good friends, which is fine.  I don't mean that in the bad way, I really love that he can be good friends with boys and girls.  Indeed she recently got engaged to a young man with who shall be known as Bean 2 (they may indeed share the same name !?!).  We had yet to meet.  This was due to change last night when we invited them over to celebrate their engagement.  Scared? I was rather nervous.  She is a rather pretty girl and apparently rather nice!  Especially as Bean and her share the joke that I may kill her if we were ever to meet!  Yet luckily she had the same worries!

With a sense of trepidation, we cooked and cleaned and primped and preened!  The doorbell rang.  Eeekables (not the good ones!).  Dun dun durrrrr.  My heart was beating arrhythmically, I feared I may faint.  Yes, my dears I was seriously worried.

Yet, I am not dead. I have killed no-one.  Pork belly was yummy.  I actually rather like her.  She is funny, erudite and rather fabulous.  No wonder Bean likes her.  Bean 2 is also rather amiable! Now I am super happy to invite them to our wedding.  

Crisis averted.  Potential annulment avoided.  Hugs all around.  The point I am trying to make?  I am unsure.  Maybe don't be quick to judge naughty ladies?  Trust your boys?  Most likely the latter.  Although girls that like your boys are often as lovely as you?  What do you think?  Ever been in a similar situation.

*Another cunning pseudonym, of course.

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  1. You are certainly more mature than I would have been.
    If Bean never even opened the door for feelings for her, nothing could ever happen. So if you trust your boy, that's good enough. That and no one could ever place you Anna!

  2. Glad it went well for you all!

  3. You are a better woman than I. I would have smacked the b*tch down.

    Obviously I don't mean literally, I do not advocate violence.

  4. its nice when stories like this have happy endings! very cool

  5. You are a good woman, and you obviously trust Bean explicitly - which is awesome. Glad you can all be friends.

    I had my ex and his wife at our wedding. We're all friends which is great. Heaps of people think that is weird!

  6. ooh pork belly - sounds lovely, sorry is that not the point of the post.
    My O also has the problem of being seemingly irresistable to other women, luckily for me and unfortunately for them he is completely oblivious. I have had to point out women who are flirting with him outrageously - and yes they do, do it while I'm there. I've never had to deal with a stray tongue but I hope that I would deal with the situation as you did - with laughter.
    Glad you can all get on, sounds like a much nicer scenario than being malicious to each other.

  7. You are definitely a far better and more mature person than me (I regress to moody teenage jealousy when confronted by details about ex's, never mind someone with a wandering tongue.) Well done on keeping it civil and on making a new friend.

  8. found some girls to let his hair down with? oh hail no.

    hmm, well sounds it all turned out ok. i totally want pickles now.

  9. Oh, you are very mature and understanding girl! Lucky Bean. I probably would have muttered under my breath the whole night ;)

    I would love an invite to the secret blog! I'm so intrigued.

  10. I'm with Miss C...I am a much worse person than you. LOL @ Katie!

  11. OK, I feel that I should issue some sort of clarification as to what happened that night.

    We were at a club and there had been a bit of drinking and some dancing (not so much by me as I'm not really that much of a dancer). The music was loud and I had to lean fairly close to her so that we could actually hear each other. She decided to kiss me and I fended her off as swiftly as my booze-addled reflexes would permit.

    I told Anna about it either that night or in the morning, and Nellie was pretty mortified the next time I saw her. I generally make it fairly clear to girls that I'm in a long term and very happy relationship as soon as we meet (in fact I generally have to make an effort not to talk about Anna too much or they'll think I'm boring) so Nellie knew she had been bad and I think some of our mutual friends had some pretty harsh words for her.

  12. Anna, you have this boy well trained. Well done on all fronts: Bean for being an honourable chap with respect to both ladies and Anna for serving delicious food to Nellie and partner and making a new friend rather than headbutting her or poking her in the eye the second she walked in the door. Hehe.

  13. Sometimes girls see how good some boyfriends can be and do stupid things like that. Bean, you can understand how it may sound to some of us. Sorry you felt like you had to defend yourself! You did a good job anyway! I just know that I'm a crazy b when it comes to my man and kissy girls.

  14. Wow Anna! You are an amazing woman! I don't know if I would behave the same way. I think my jealousy would have gotten the better of me and I might have a smack down right there in the living room! :)

    Bean's a very lucky man. And you're a lucky woman that you have someone as trustworthy as Bean.

    Hope you're doing well, dear! Sorry I've been slacking's been hard to get on here but I plan on visiting very soon :) xoxo

  15. you're awesome. that's the way to be. i totally understand why you were apprehensive at first, but it's so cool that you all had dinner together and had a good time.
    ps. i love that bean reads your blog and comes on here with a clarification of what happened that night. i laughed out loud. that's really cool.

  16. Trust your gut, it knows. Eeekables! xo

  17. Ohhh man, I can't handle ladies like that- but you've got a good man, and I know that having one you trust is seriously important!

  18. Oh my lady, you can't leave me comments about needed more strength and inspiration when you so clearly have it in loads already. Such an admirably level-headed response. Such amazing - and properly placed - trust. This makes me happy and is entirely inspirational in getting at the core of trust and love both.

  19. Hey, where's my invite to the super private blog?? ;)

    Yikes, this is a hard one. Both of us have really close friends of the opposite sex and so far, nothing like that has happened (I hope!)but if it did (to him), I would probably have thrown a fit and forbid him ever seeing her again coz though I still trust him, I don't trust her anymore. But she could have been really drunk and had no clue what she was doing and as Bean said was mortified the next day. So maybe that's forgivable?? Lolz... I guess what I'm trying to say is I'll probably go round in circles trying to figure out what to do and get no where.

  20. I think you handled it perfectly. Circumstances always affect relationships and it's not like she has pronounced her undying love for him while she pines away after him. :) I have an ex boyfriend who is now married and he and his wife are invited to our wedding. True friendship surpasses the unfortunate lapses in judgment that arise once alcohol is consumed.

  21. You are a better woman than me; when that happened to my boy I was furious [with her, but also him for being so close to her she was able to kiss him]. I hate to even hear her name mentioned. (The fact she also did it to another close male friend didn't help me like her). she is a school friend of his who he used to fancy some years past before he met me. I guess she liked the attention and hated that he moved on. So she tried to ruin it. Sadly, it ruined their friendship too.

    My boy also has close female work colleagues. One declared she was in love with him and then locked him in the loo with her (she was drunk and being ill). Again, I was furious. At her, mainly, but at him too for allowing himself to be taken advantage of. His defence is that he was helping her. Which is a problem, as of course, that is part of the reason I love him. Being married helps and I am getting better at not being furious.

    I guess I should see it as flattering that people fancy him. Mostly it just irritates me.

    [I have not linked to my site here but you can identify which Rachel I am (as my boy now is in London during the week and I live in the west country now). I am not trying to be anonymous to you just not wishing to draw the link explicitly...]


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