Sunday, 7 February 2010

who is the real bean?

It was cold and stormy night.  So obviously a girl and boy do what they do best.  Watch terrible films.  This very night was the night of Steven Seagal and Under Siege 2.

Oh Casey Ryback takes on the world once again. This time, whilst escorting his niece to visit her father's grave, an evil terrorist takes over the train and and then an armed satellite and threatens to offer this to the highest bidder.  Blah, blah, blah.  Mr Ryback saves the day and his niece (a rather young unknown Heigl!).

He is the former Navy Seal turned chef.  Oh he slices and dices baby!  (Sorry!)

So what this have to do with anything anna? I hear you ponder.  Well, it was while I watched this wonderful film unfurl to its tedious inevitable conclusion I sat there incredulous.  I realised who my wondrous little bean was.  My Bean the man who enjoys the occasional foray into martial arts (he like to twirl his sticks!) is a supreme baker.  He is Casey Ryback!  Whoop de woop.  I shall never fear the baddies ever again.  I have my own one man army.  Well not exactly, as he is a little but of a pacifist, but he bakes and that is far more important!

Who is your man or woman?  (I would like to think I were Tina Fey/Lemon!)


  1. ooo! i secretly fantasize about my boy being Kevin McKidd from HBO's "Rome." they both have sexy red hair and red beards. i imagine him playing the part of lucius vorenus - weilding a sword, and kicking butt. i'm gettin fired up just thinking about it. ha!

    as for me? i kinda fantasize about being carrie bradshaw (i know how cliche that sounds). but mike would pick Clementine from Eternal Sunshine. He loves him some kate winslet. with neon colored hair. H-O-T-T, HOT!

  2. Ha! If I were wishing for a man in particular it would be Booth from Bones (not David Boreanez!), Booth is dreamy! And yes bean I do realise he is fictional.

    P.S. BB the pavements of Scotland are filled with McKidds and maybe you should start watching Grey's Anatomy!

  3. Uch I thought with that post title you'd found Bean's blog. Wow when you watch bad films you watch really bad films! Which pavements of Scotland are filled with McKidds? I clearly live in the wrong city. x

  4. Shush. I'm trying to get BB to fly over here so I can meet her! Also, Under Siege 2 is awesome!


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