Wednesday, 10 February 2010

wedding list wednesday - so i have a problem...

I have a seriously problem with letters.  I simple adore it.  Whether it be the tiniest piece of letterpress, to a giant O or a circus sign.  I want it, I always want it.

So how about this for an awesome wedding present?  They are c1950 and are about 120cm high!  How cute above a bed.  Whether it be laugh out loud or lots of love.  It would be right at home in our bedroom. (Hmm maybe I have revealed too much!)

So if anyone fancies buying the Bean and me a wedding present?  Eternally grateful wouldn't even cut it!


  1. Faaaaaaaaaaaabulous find Missy! I love this! Totally original! :) xXx

  2. I can't guy you this, but I'm getting an idea... I'll email you soon I promise, sorry i'm being rubbish!

  3. I love them, they would look fab!

    I just got some lovely mini letter tags from Posh Graffiti which are fab too - im going to also paint them purple and put them on gift bags to give to the bridesmaids with their presents inside.

  4. Oh my... this would be so perfect for my friend. She says lol non-stop!!

  5. They are AWESOME. I totally want some cool vintage sign letters in our house when we get one one day...

  6. Oh, those are SO FAB!!!! Time to add them onto the registry!!!

  7. I too am a letter addict. I have them all over my house. I now want this, own neon sign. how awesome would that be? xX


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