Tuesday, 23 February 2010

a new resource

A fabulously well known site across the the pond, Better Homes & Gardens has recently revamped their wedding inspiration site.

This may be old news to some but rather exciting for little old me who was looking for something a little different inspiration wise.

Real Wedding Inspiration - Obviously as a purple girl I was immediately drawn to these photographs of a delicious Louisiana wedding. Yet there are ideas for each colour of the spectrum.  I shall leave you to discover!

M.N. Jordan Photography

From planning hints and tips involving the very first stages of engaged bliss (and confusion) to the real nitty gritty of planning.

To wonderful recipes which cover all delicious parts of the wedding, from shower to the after wedding brunch!

Best of all is the little craft section with fabulous little ideas for a quick fix or rather more detailed constructions!

So much to see and so little time.  I do hope you shall enjoy!  Let me know what you think!


  1. I LOVE this website now! It's fantastically non-scary.

  2. Thank you for the better homes and gardens tip! As always, love your blog.

  3. Oh fabulous!! I love this blog! How do I follow it and you??? Yay! for planning weddings!! :) xx


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