Tuesday, 9 February 2010

flowers for the one you love...?

This is a little early and I was going to save this for St. Valentine's day but I just could not resist.  I am having a grumpy day and I feel it would be cruel not to share!

I don't love St. Valentine's day.  Yet I don't want to be one of those people who hates the day.  I understand it's origins and actually think the idea is rather sweet.  Although at the same time I somewhat resent the implication that I must do something on a certain day otherwise I do not love my nearest and dearest.  I do wonder why we are forced to express our emotions on one specific day.  It is a capitalist's dream.  The price of flower increases 10 fold and as a girl with a special day (well not really special but you know what I mean) of her own just before the day somewhat precludes the purchase of pretty flowers for one sad girl.  (I hate the thought that the same flowers bought for me at any other time of the year would be soo much cheaper!).   

I am not one for spending thousands on each other as a sign of our love (although obviously I would not say no!) but I do enjoy treating my Bean to things throughout the year so I guess I am a capitalist whore after all!

So here's to the perfect present for those who have not been quite so generous with their love.  (Although I do feel for the poor little flowers who have not achieved their original destiny.  In my head the petals will be used to make delicious rose petal cupcakes.)


  1. Alas, I am a Valentine's Apologist. I don't get all the grumpiness about forced sentiment on Valentine's. How is that any different than Christmas or Thanksgiving (American, of course)? All holidays are made up to incite the masses to do something, and, in most cases, it's shop and help the economy ;)

  2. i know what you mean...when you feel pressured by the consumer pressure of the holiday.
    i'm not dating anyone right now, so this is actually one of the best Valentine's I've had in a long time!
    xoxxo alison

  3. Oooh, I actually agree with you about Valentine's Day. Flowers are expensive, chocolates are expensive... anything that suggest romantic leading up to Valentine's Day is expensive. We don't usually celebrate it but I'm quite miffed this year because R will be in Melbourne for work over the weekend and I was hoping to join him but accomodation prices have like doubled in price just because it's Valentine. Not happy!

  4. Oh Cupcake, I feel the same about most holidays. I would just be happier with time off and no forced joviality. Gosh I do sound like a grump. I guess I mean I enjoy seeing family and loving Bean throughout the year? I think.

  5. I've had a problem with Valentine's ever since my Nana passed in early Feb - 15 year anniversary was yesterday which meant the funeral was very close to Valentine's - her favourite flowers were red roses it cost an ABSOLUTE fortune!

  6. I like to imagine that the little stem-less flowers became confetti, and lived a long and happy life :)

    First year we were together my guy, knowing I had a fear of The Romantic Candle-lit Violin-playing Restaurant Meal, bought pizza and a Will Ferrell film and simply gave me a folded piece of card where he'd written how he felt. Best Valentine's day ever.

  7. I just like any excuse to fuss around with gift wrapping and be festive, I guess ;)

  8. I feel exactly the same! I refuse to participate in the royal rip-off anymore and don't at all feel that I don't love/am unloved if we don't do something tremendously expensive for each other.

    I've missed you! I feel like I've kept on missing your posts in blogland - I have to clean out my Google reader.

    p.s. Will be ordering straws when I get back, may have to call because I couldn't see how to pick color!

  9. what I hate is the cards and same theme.. companies can just roll out the same red roses the same pink champagne, cards, heart boxes etc. I don't buy into it.. I would never want red roses or a teddy - I don't like them. But some of our best meals and evenings have been on Valentines.. because it gives you the excuse for making a little effort. at the start it was a evening meal out a beautiful bunch of flowers.. Now it's a home made card and a home cooked meal, good bottle and a film. Just nice..

  10. I don't like that valentine's day is made out to be the ONLY day where you and your partner are supposed to show your love for each other through extravagance. Like you, my fiancee and I like to treat each other throughout the year, and we're really frugal(i.e. poor) and simple too, so it involves things like free museums and homemade special dinners. For us, our anniversary is the end of February so he tells me to pick one of those days to celebrate and the other will be low key. I always choose our anniversary to go out to dinner because at least we'll actually be able to get a table!

  11. i agree you should treat each other when you feel like it not because of a special date that is telling you you have to do something.
    of course i like surprises and little gifts but i don't care on which date-
    oh wait, there is one exception: i am really serious about my birthday!!!


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