Tuesday, 23 February 2010

eek it's london fashion week!

I love design.  Full stop.

In honour of London Fashion Week I thought I would share a little story and invite you to do the same.

Let me take you back to 1994.  I was but a slip of a girl about to have her first encounter of true lust.  As I was not yet a teenager (and uninterested in boys) I was beginning to be aware of fashion (and trying to be cool by buying Vogue!).  All of a sudden I was transported to another world by one film poster.  That poster was for Pulp Fiction with Uma and her deliciously dark nails.  She looked like sex.  She looked powerful. That was it.  I needed to know more.  

I was never really into make-up (I am still quite happy to face the world without the merest hint of mascara).  I cannot recall sitting at my mother's knee watching her apply beautiful lipsticks and she never taught me any tricks.  Yet it was that visceral moment with my eyes fixated to her nails that I suddenly felt different. Ridiculous I know but I can remember this moment so clearly. 

I soon discovered (without the help of the internet - can you imagine!?) the colour was Rouge Noir by Chanel.  Devised after a make-up artist wanted an almost black nail colour and painted her models' nails with black ink before a publicity shoot.  Yet it was soo expensive for a girl without pocket money.  I scrimped and saved but to no avail.  However I did manage to buy a shade from a cheaper brand.  It just did not satiate my lust although it perfect my painting technique.  I literally spent hours and hours applying, removing, applying and applying layers and laters for the perfect finish. (I still am as fastidious and so tend not to wear nail varnish when I have the opportunity because I would never leave the flat trying to get it right!)

I digress, eventually I saved my pennies for the holy grail of polish.  A bottle which has long since entered its third or fourth reincarnation yet it always gives me that thrill (assuming it is not the fumes).  For it is not about making oneself beautiful but making a statement about who you are. (Note to all, yellow nail varnish just makes you look like a smoker.)

Fashion is not about the specific look but the way in which the look makes you feel.  Rouge noir made me feel powerful when I was 12 and it continues to make me feel strong today.  

P.S. I have tried to post a little picture of my latest pot o' rouge noir but blogger is being grumples!


  1. I love that story Anna! And I couldn't agree with u more. I so remember when Vamp came out. I was working at Revlon at the time and I needed to knock it off for our line. I matched it dead on in the Revlon formula but nothing could match the feeling I felt putting it on from the Chanel :)

  2. lol. I am a Chanel Vamp fan myself. I wear it every winter (and for my wedding). It's my signature color.

  3. Have you thought about wearing dark nail polish for your wedding? That would seriously rock.

  4. i remember chanel vamp!!! i had zero dollars and i saved up to buy it. it looks kind of stupid on my tiny, bitten nails, but i love it anyway.

  5. Still don't dare treat myself to rouge noir and yet imitators are so disappointing.

  6. Love the idea of dark polish for the wedding - we shall see and ST come and see me and we can paint yours!

  7. Oh I would love a girly nail painting session!


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