Wednesday, 27 January 2010

wedding list wednesday

Oh to be a child once more.  Well actually I have no desire to be a child once more.  I fear that would be awfully dull.  The future is bright and all that. Yet this wondrous rocking throne is designed for the little ones and me wanty.  It rocks, literally.  It is plain for the little ones to decorate with their lofty dreams in mind.

Whilst I may wax lyrical about wanting to lose weight I would never want to be a child size again so could the V&A possibly make one in an adult size?  Preferably in the near future.  Thanks in advance.


  1. oh i want one too... the prospect of actually being allowed to draw on furniture would be amazing! I can always remember my secret patch of wall by my bed that I used to draw on.. and the serious telling off I got when my mum found it!

  2. Am a big fan of the V & A, had a fabulous calendar off my Mum for Xmas full of 60's sex kittens....

    I too would like a piece of furniture I could draw on. I think we should set up some kind of petition/request for an adult sized chair...


  3. Oh I love it, love it! I was delighted to come home and see my parents had a rocking chair in the small room. Rocking thrones - one of life's great pleasures.

  4. yes, please! i'd like a rocking throne.

  5. *knock, knock, knock*
    Anna, dah-ling, you there? I am just wondering from one bloggy friend to another if you were doing all right?


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