Wednesday, 13 January 2010

wedding list wednesday

Just a quick grabby grabby post today!  Ack I did not mean to say that but it seems rather apt since I am still confused as to whether we need (want) a gift list.  Now these have been around for ages but I recently saw them at the Bluebird Shop on the King's Road (It's my new favourite shop!).

I would adore something like this for my home.  How narcissistic it seems for me? Maybe a crafty friend could knock up something similar?!  I just adore the colour, the words, the charm. Yes, they would be far more welcome on my walls than an actual picture of myself (which may never happen.)  Which words would I want?  Obviously something ridiculously witty and insightful! What would I choose for the Bean? (If I were allowed to choose for the Bean!)

What do you think?  What would you like yours to say?


  1. i love it. it's personal, uniquely detailed, and a piece of art :)

  2. Those are so great! I love the little sayings under each person's name...totally different.

  3. Sigh love, love.

    Mine would be a pink profile with flowers and say, "I love pink so much I'm made of it"

    Or something like that.

  4. These are adorable. I like mine to say Pink & Sweet.

  5. these are amazing! you should totally have a crafty friend make one :)

  6. ooo - i have the suspicion my best friend made something like this for us! she's into graphic design and she asked me for a profile picture of both my husband and i...

  7. Love these! Although I probably couldn't think of a witty saying :)

  8. I think it's a fabulous idea!! I've been looking for wedding deco that we can put up at home too. It's something you can diy too!!


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