Wednesday, 6 January 2010

wedding list wednesday - vill you join me?

I must admit, I have never thought of travelling to Villnus in Lithuania. 

Yet for this wonderful table I may think again. Seriously, I have lusted over this beauty for years. It was designed by the wondrous Neringa Dervinyte as part of her Romance range in 2004. (Oh my that is so long ago!)

I used to dream about owning a pair of these beauties to use as bedside tables. Although I do think their best feature would be lost if they were cocooned by a bed.  Imagine how the light would dance merrily through the  laser cut metal.  Heavenly.  One day, my pretties, one day!


  1. so pretty, and the pink color underneath... amazing!

  2. that's amazing!!! i'd love one or two please :)

  3. Yep, tis metal and comes in lots of different colours and designs. I adore it!


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