Monday, 11 January 2010

so to the wedding...

I realise that perhaps we should have thought about "our wedding" in greater detail before entering the realms of decision making. Well we had some idea, for a start we had been dating for over 8 years, were living together and in recent times family weddings we had attended had started to turn certain cogs.

Indeed we also watched the evil programme "Don't Tell the Bride."  I am not sure whether this format has reached any of your pretty eyes but it is a show in which the groom makes all the planning decisions from the date to dress and all in between in 4 short weeks in exchange for about £12 000 ($20 000 US).  The tension is laid on with a spade.  Will he find the right dress (of course he will and if he doesn't another dress may magically appear.)  Then everyone is far too startled that their son, or brother or best friend could possibly be able to pull of an event as complicated.  Gosh, a man, how revolutionary.  (Sorry I really get the grumpies from all the uber feminist media out there.  Men are not rubbish.  Some men are, yes but so are some woman.  Deal with it.) This programme, for the most part, highlighted the fact that we are slightly snobby and we know what we don't want!

As usual, I digress!

So just recently I put the age old question to Bean, "in 3 words how do you want our wedding to feel?"

Ha! Such a foolish young girl am I.  

Here follows a slightly shortened transcript.

"This is so ridiculous, quit nagging me, who wants to describe their wedding in 3 words. You are stupid, this is stupid, quit nagging me."

"But Bean!" I exclaim with an exasperated sigh.

"No, it's impossible, why would I want to do something so pointless?" he says with his eyes glazing over as he fears I am delving into another pointless talk.

"Well I sort of have 3 words" I quietly admit.

"Well what are they, then?" Mr Bean has crossed his arms now and is looking at me with one of his I know all smiles.

I tell him.  He agrees. The end.

Well sort of.

Oh the mastery of the Bean, how foolish to think that one would want to sum up their wedding in but three words.  Yet we do need to follow some sort of direction to tame the beast that may become our nuptials.  We need to know if only to stop my late night trawling of eBay for random objects that might add to the ambiance.  (Although I do realise that things do not create ambiance but can they add to it?)  So I've decided (Bean will shrug and agree) from henceforth there shall be no talk of moods, words or god forbid, themes (bleurgh)

Here's the dirty little secret.  I still love my words.  They fill me with joy and happiness. I love them.  Shush don't tell bean!!

Want to know what my 3 words were/are?

Relaxed. Decadent. Fun.

I like to think that once I am knighted for my contribution to science our family family crest will read the same albeit in delicious Latin (now that's decadent fun all on its own). Indeed it is exactly how I want our wedding, life and legacy to feel.  Nothing more, nothing less.  Imperfection embraced.

Also I would secretly love to know which three words you would use?  But again shush, don't tell Bean (or the cool kids!)


  1. mine are fun, relaxed, fantasticallyawesome. that counts as one word because there's no space. right?

    but i know the mister wants something where he can relax and hang out with me and his family and friends so i have been doing my best to steer the general feeling/theme of our wedding towards that

  2. i love your words! trufax. mine (i would say "ours," but D is not the words-brainstorming type, either) are meaningful, silly, dance party!

  3. this is the first time i've read your blog, loves it! :)

    very much a fan of your "words."

    mine are intimate, relaxed, fun.

  4. I am all about words, particularly because they give us something to hold onto when the rest of the pressures get out of control. I made J describe his ideal wedding too (grumps all around, similar to Bean.) I like your words, and strongly feel you can use them to continue guiding you.

  5. I think this is an excellent idea and I love your words. My editor always suggests summarizing things in three words, so I don't think this is strange at all.

  6. I like the three word wedding description game, but my husband said something pretty much similar to Bean's reaction. I got him to play along eventually though :)
    Here's my/our 3 words
    timeless, romantic, sweet

  7. Gah. The Beloved is not here to answer for me. I think the three words should be "glam, fabulous, love"

    but it will probably change tomorrow. And the day after that. And the day after that.

    I love the word decadent. The word itself. Mmmm... one of those words that sounds just like what it should be describing

  8. Cute blog, glad I found it!

    Fun, relaxed, memorable.

  9. I love those 3 words.

    Mine were fun, vintage-esque (not totally), awesome?

    I think we had all 3. :)

    Fun was the main part though!

  10. Haha. I played that game with the Boy too, who could not stop rolling his eyes. I can't rememebr the three we settled on, but that combination sounds like how our English blessing ended up feeling for sure. You are a woman with impeccable taste.

  11. You crack me up with your chatterings ;)
    I love your 3 words! Decadence would have definitely been one of mine! Also fun, and I think the third would have to be... 'us'. Don't don't don't do something just cuz Mum or Aunt Flo would like it.

  12. Your words are lovely! That's the kind of wedding I like to go to. Mine would be quirky, colourful, relaxed. Although I'll refrain from fully committing with those until my guy weighs in..

  13. Only 3 words you have to be kidding me. I can't restrict it to three because I need to explain why I've chosen those three (where do my thoughts in brackets go with only 3 words?). Ok then if you insist (I realise you don't insist and I should really stop over analysing and just suck it up eh?!)
    Comfortable, Fun-tabulous, Love

    Your posts never fail to make me chuckle/think. I asked O what the three most important things about the day would be for him. His response:
    We get married, we are married at the end of the day, the day ends and we are still married - what else is there? (Love him!)

  14. looove your words Anna! It's so funny, I'm having a hard time remembering mine...what's wrong with me? :)

  15. I really like the way you right. Quite hilarious. Looking forward to reading more about your plans!

  16. I like your words. I have no idea what mine would have been before. But after they are Fun, Love & Fast - the wedding day FLEW by.

  17. I would say Unique, Fun and ENTERTAINING! Entertainment is a huge part of our day...that's why we rented a photobooth, hired a strolling magician and I am currently putting together a super fun and creative little surprise for the ceremony :) Can't wait to share. I do love your three words...decadent - such a good word.

  18. i love the words you chose. they're definitely fitting of a fab wedding. now i have to try and remember if i even had 3 words (or any) about the wedding.

  19. Those are great words. We did the same thing a long time ago but I've forgotten them now. Hopefully, ours will be fun, sweet and memorable. :)


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