Sunday, 3 January 2010

so i believe we are on the same page?

So as I have purged myself of superfluousness I feel it is time to maybe make some rather esoteric and some other rather more tangible "resolutions." No resolutions sounds so archaic.  Let us embrace allieration (wink wink to a wonderful reader) and the joy that is  - Charming Cogitated Contemplations.  Yes, that sounds better.  Happy, thoughtful, optimistic yet realistic.

Right then,

1. Be happier.  (So quantifiable.)
2. Do more stuff. This stuff need not be thrilling just new and different.  I live in London, for crying out loud, I can do something fantastical everyday.
3. Get married.
4. Drink finer booze, albeit not in such great quantities.
5. Learn knife skills (whilst I would love to be a knife thrower, yes that would be awesome but as a left eye dominant right hander I fear this will never happen, I really want to chop, chop those onions like a mother f***er!)
6. Get healthy - eat more colourful tasty food so I can dance all night long, baby!
7. Get my naughty broken tooth fixed.
8. Wear prettier/hotter dresses.
9. Write far more thrilling posts which might actually enthral, provoke a little controversy and generally make me and you smile.

Here's to 2010! What charming contemplations do you envision?
Hugs from a party dress wearing running Anna xxx


  1. Awww... I like broken tooth. I have crooked teeth and I like it that way. More character in a sea of perfect teeth.

    I want to learn to drive the stick. Among other things!

  2. Pretty much my only resolution - to dust off my f*ck me shoes. Oh yes, 2010 will be fabulous!

  3. Oh do not fret, I will keep my hot giant madonna gap. I just think it's time to fix the botch job my last rubbish dentist did on my tooth broken while playing a rather violent game of hockey!

    Oh yes to the hot shoes! I cannot wait to show you all some goodies!

  4. I don't know, first we had axes now we've got knife skills there seems to be a liking for the blade emerging.

  5. i'm so with you on #4. totally worth it. quality > quantity.

    also, going to try #8. i'd better work it while i still can... the window is closing, hah!

    happy new year, anna!

  6. This is a 'Post Perfected', a 'Lovely List' a 'Brilliant, Bonkers, Beautiful Bride-To-Be's Brainy' ideas for a brand new year. Is that alliterate enough for you, you bad-ass onion chopping mutha!!!
    I love this Blog :)
    xXx ;)

  7. Im with you on 1-4, 6 & 8! (altho i fear the quantity always takes over for 4)

    Here's to a fabulous 2010 and lots of new experiences!

  8. every year my resolution is to make this year the best year ever. and so far it's been the only one i haven't broken. =)

    but i'm with you on the knife skills. i want to be able to chop like the chefs. or at least so that my mom doesn't get nervous when she watches me cook.

  9. Maybe I need a more specific list. I'm with you with most of it except I'm pretty good with my knife skills... just need to get them sharpen because I'm too lazy. And actually make it to the dentist this year for my checkups. Good list!!

  10. great list, dear! i'm with you on 4, 5 & 6 for sure!!! :)

    hope you had a wonderful new years!

  11. I am with you for 1,2,6, and possibly 9!

  12. i am so with you on this list. i love the knife skills resolution. it sounded like your goal was to be a ninja. and then i realized you want to get better at chopping. i want to do both. :)

  13. I'm all about treating myself to nice bubbly this year. Lofty goal? No. But a goal nonetheless. Ah ha ha

  14. I love your contemplations and can't wait for the thrilling possibly controversial posts!

  15. knife skills are on my list, too...i want to chop like the chefs on tv :)

    love your aspirations...

  16. happy new year. love the list, anna.


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