Sunday, 10 January 2010

i had a dream last night...well it was more like last thursday but let us ignore that

Well, not so much a dream, more like a rampant daydream.

Picture the scene.  The light is fading, beautiful feathers of snow are floating down outside the window and I am cocooned within my handsome duvet.  What should a girl do?

Watch naught but the finest films that the world has offered us, of course.

Which films would you chose? Which film warms your cockles?

For me it was The Bodyguard.  Oh to be a pre crack Whitney. Yet I was malcontent.  Suddenly Whitney was not enough. My voice disappointed me in the cold empty room.  (Who doesn't sing along?)  My swooning over a much younger Mr Costner was certainly not enough.

Hmm, what else could I watch?  Why yes, of course, the wondrous - Little Shop of Horrors!  It has been years since I last listened to the fabulous words and been frightened by the fearsome Audrey II.

The more I listened the more I fell in love.  It is but a story about the struggles one must endure to find true love.  The WIC is portrayed beautifully by Audrey II.  The quasi evilness which sucks blood from the life force that is wedding happiness but is ultimately? slain.  The dentist is the past we are all leaving behind.  Yes, we may have suffered by its hand but we are stronger because of our struggles.  For me Skid Row is the perfect metaphor for my ill health and the discovery that I need to take my problems seriously.  Although I fear I over labouring this metaphor.

I shall finish with my epiphany.  It made me realise I yearn for an all singing and all dancing wedding and life.  My girls shall be not maids but backing singers (without any requirement to sing unless they wish.)  I shall relish the disparity of scale (from tiny flowers to huge canapés) which our wedding shall bring and delight in slight campness which both Bean and I possess.

I simply cannot wait to dance and sing my way through one of the top 50 weekends of my life and Bean will support me and I, him.  The film shall be a beautiful allegory for the wedding, I think.

Hope you are all your beautiful Brits (and almost Brits) are "enjoying" the snow!

Seriously I was beyond cute and obviously loved the camera.  When did I lose my joie de vivre?


  1. Little shop of horrors! I love that film! You're gonna make me crack out the DVD this week...

    And honestly? The whole point of it is that you and Bean have the wedding *you* (plural) want. That is all.

  2. I was at the dentist earlier this week for a cleaning. Why is it that I always, and without fail, think of Steve Martin as the mad dentist and Bill Murray as his completely nutter patient in Little Shop of Horrors every time I'm sitting in that dentist chair? That may explain why I've never had my wisdom teeth pulled :)

    And this wedding of yours of which you dream? It shall be yours. Just enjoy every moment, laugh your rear off, kiss a lot, dance and sing and wave your arms about (and try not to faint like I nearly did, because fainting isn't very romantic.) It goes so quickly...too quickly! Just a fleeting moment which will resonate with you forever. What a fantastic way to celebrate you + Bean! Oh my gosh, I can't wait to hear all about it!

  3. FEED me Seymour. Now I wanna watch it!

  4. My jetlag was severely aided by my warm comforter and lack of desire to leave the flat.

    Oh and pre-crack Whitney was divine indeed. Now... well hopefully she's better sans Bobby.

    I'm sure you still look great Anna. :)

  5. you don't SOUND like someone who's lost her joie de vivre :)

    i love it!!


  6. I would totally be a back up dancer at your wedding. Love it. Sounds seriously awesome.

    And that picture is so CUTE!


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