Tuesday, 5 January 2010

god these ladies are hot.

Each and every day I feel as though I am bombarded by visions of how I am meant to look as a bride.  From the magazines which I know I shouldn't read to those awful advertisements on Facebook telling me how I can lose 20 stone in 2 easy weeks!

Those who have read these pages before may have gleaned  I am not a skinny Minnie.  I do adore my ample assets yet I do often feel that I am a behemoth.  Which I am, in comparison to some of my friends despite my 5 foot and 2 inch frame, I am monstrous.

Indeed this does cause anguish.  I do wish I were smaller.  I want to be smaller.  In some respects I simply want to be healthier.  I want to be able to run up 9 flights of stairs without seeing purple spots in front of my eyes whilst trying to perform effective chest compressions! 

So with such great timing the following set of photographs entered my consciousness.

The photograph below simply exude sexiness.  I have no desire to be a size 0, it would not suit me.  I need to have flesh on my face for expression.  I also see these woman are insanely beautiful and so no matter which size they are they will be beautiful.  I just wish I could ooze their confidence in daily life no matter which size I become.  I will never be tiny, I just need to be happy in my own skin.  Size really should not be an issue.  Indeed beautiful photographs should be published no matter the size of the woman.  Yet I fear it will be an uphill struggle until "fashion" embraces all woman.

Now a far more erudite discussion was started by the wonderful A Los Angeles Love so I urge you to move over to her wonderful site to discuss the beautiful photographs and their consequences.


  1. I thought the same thing when I read that post! They are hot!

  2. those images are amazing!!!! beauty of all shapes and sizes should be celebrated. it's a lesson not only the fashion world, but society needs to learn.

  3. yes please, lets find lovely chubby beautiful brides (who I will still have to aspire to be but still)


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