Thursday, 21 January 2010

The Giggler, The Mouse and The Marathon.

The Giggler, The Mouse and The Marathon sound awfully like superhero nemeses!

Yet they are my girls and an integral part of the fun and whilst I may not name them formally I should at least introduce them properly!  Although my little descriptions here shall do them no justice!

So in no specific order here is...

The Giggler
My best friend from senior school.  We spent our formative years giggling through our lessons together.  She was the one that always got me into trouble with a particular teacher, Miss Marigold.*  Mainly because my lovely giggling friend was the star runner and I was not reaching my true potential. Gah.  Our main giggletime was during our more artistic classes where we both realised we were at the wrong of the Gaussian curve of creativity.  She traced pictures from ikea catalogues whilst I got angry trying  make "perfect" clay pots. Ah those were the days.  She does find it rather scary that I am trying to be more creative! Love her to bits, love that she always laughs at my, usually rubbish, jokes, has a talent for gossip and even after umpteen visits to my flat still gets lost on her way from the tube.

The Marathon
Now this awesome lady is Bean's cousin.  From our first meeting we got on well but since her wedding a couple of  years ago we became far closer.  It was her wonderful wedding in particular that made me realise I yearned for an intimate yet decadent celebration.  Her marathoness is derived from the fact she cycles for hundreds of miles just for funsies and has the hottest body to boot!  She and her hubby make a pretty lethal vodka martini so are very handy when there is a party to plan.  Love her let's do anything and everything spirit, her super inquiring mind and that I see her as practically a sister because she just cares so much.  

The Mouse
Ah, the mouse. A cruelish nickname from junior school which she encouraged when I first met her at senior school.  Without doubt this girl is a clever souris.  We have only grown close since we left school.  She has changed dramatically (for the better) over the past couple of years and is now truly a beautiful young lady.  I love her ambition, the fact she keeps texting me with all her ideas and is already plotting henness.  Am I scared, oh I may be slightly terrified.  Yet I trust her enough to know there will be no penis straws.  She will be the girl dancing with me until dawn and I cannot wait!

So there are my fabulous girls.  I am so lucky to have them in my life.  I know it sounds so soppy but I have never felt so loved.  Tis awesome.  Weddings really do bring out the best in some! people.

So yay for the girls.  I just need Bean to decide on his boys. I think I know who he may eventually pick as his number 1 man but when deciding between friends and brothers, things apparently take time!

P.S. And so to follow the recent trend of twitter and so forth I have added formspring to my little repetoire. Feel free to ask me anything, I think!, at Or just email me for a less public response!?  

*Obviously another cunning pseudonym!


  1. happy to hear about the great people that make up your life :)

  2. Oh yay! I am inspired now to do this myself :)

  3. Sounds like a great group of ladies by your side - yay!

  4. I can't believe you thought they might say NO to being your Bridesmaids!?!?

  5. Loves it. I actually wrote a post similar to this one. But I have not posted it. I am living vicariously through you. So just post about them when I post about their gifts. Ie: stingrays and other wonderous things. ;)

  6. Blogger keeps swallowing my comments grr....

    Was here yesterday with a big hip hurrah for your wonderful Anna team. x

  7. yay for the girls! this was so sweet. sounds like you'll be surrounded by good company :)

  8. The girls sound awesome, Anna!!


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