Thursday, 7 January 2010


Oh crumbs, I have only just realised (6 months too late!) that I usually don't/ forget to comment upon your wonderful comments!

Please be sure that I do pay attention to all your wonderful words.  I often start conversations in my head only to start talking to someone else and assume they know what I'm talking about. So I oft giggle, ponder and answer your questions and then forget to actually respond.  (I thought telepathy worked!) Does anyone else do this?

More responses from me shall be forthcoming henceforth!


  1. I so do this. The boy has learned to gently ask me what the h*ll I'm talking about because I'll start conversations mid-thought with him. Or I'll have a conversation with him in my head and forget that I haven't actually had the convo with him yet.

    And now I sound crazy.

  2. I do this all the time. I compose emails and comments in my head, never send them and then get confused why they weren't sent!


So, I really love all the sweet and/or informative comments that you lovelies leave. Yet if you feel the need to be unnecessarily rude or offensive I will delete your comment and not feel bad about it. So just be constructive alright! Hugs to all you wondrous others.


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