Wednesday, 6 January 2010

chlamydia, treponema, candida - mummy needs you

Oh how Bean and I giggle about the future names of our children.  To call out for Chlamydia or Dementia at the supermarket.  Perfection.  I fear my children would be taken into protective custody!

Oh, I digress.  Of course I am here to talk about our STDs. I still giggle at the acronym.  Whilst this may be a rather new phenomenon here in the UK I think it is becoming increasing more popular.  Now this may seem like a rather curious coincidence but I had planned to write this post today (despite my grumblings on another site).  For Bean and me, save the dates are helpful.  Whilst I am happy just to call my friends up to say, "hey you know we're getting married, it's happening in November - check it," it just doesn't seem quite the same when talking to elderly relatives or older family friends.  Certain friends will be travelling from France and Italy and so do need advance warning and I do like the idea of building up the suspense of our nuptials!

Indeed, I am getting uber excited about the whole creative side of the wedding.  It is a side to myself which has rarely been seen before!  I also understand that this is totally unnecessary when marrying the one you love. (A whole other post me thinks.  I like that all you need to do when you get married is actually get married, everything else is for funsies!)

So how does one word these naughty little pieces of paper?  Enter anal anna! One quick question to quench my STD thirst?  I don't really care, probably.  Shall we just blame Mr "Perfectionist" Bean?

We are celebrating over an entire weekend.  Whoop de woop! So I'm thinking I should say that we are marrying on the weekend of... rather than on Saturday the..?

So the weekend of the 8-10th January rather than Saturday 9th January.

Answers on a response card please! Do you regretfully accept or enthusiastically decline?

Obviously I will need the lucky few who receieve such an auspicious invitation to react thusly!

Or I shall cry a thousand rivers!

Seriously, how funny do my brother and I look at the opening of a globe!  Oh the eighties were awesome!


  1. How about something like:

    Anna and Bean would like you to/would be delighted if you could spend the weekend of 8th - 10th of January with them to celebrate their wedding?

    Or perhaps:

    While Anna and Bean will make things legal on Saturday 9th January they are going to be celebrating their love/marriage over the entire weekend and would be delighted if you could join them


  2. Meant to say that O and I were going to name our children
    "parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme" from Scarborough Fayre - then I realised I wasn't really wanting 4 children and we got cats so we could give them stupid names instead.

  3. Love the names. Dementia is just too tempting.

    But no thoughts on save the dates. (No real thoughts at the moment to be honest. Still dying of (wo)manflu...) Mine were in the form of excitedly incoherent emails and phone calls, but lord knows I salivated over pretty gocco'd things online. The Boy refused in the end. Boo to him.

  4. I had handy dandy save the dates on postcards (oooo tacky!) you can check them out yourself. On my blog. Because I am a bum.

    BTW is that a leather chesterfield you and your brother are sitting on? I want one!

  5. Yep I would def mention the weekend of 8-10 etc to make sure your guests know its not just the Saturday.

  6. Or how about something like:
    Their wedding will last a day
    The party will last a weekend
    Their marriage and love will last a lifetime.
    Join them to celebrate....

    I'm over thinking this now aren't I?

  7. Oh ST, thank you so much for all your thoughts. Love the last one. Too cute! Now I just need to work out how to fit the words in properly. Would you all like to see our first attempt?

    Yes my parents still have those leather chesterfields - so comfy!

    I hope I didn't scare people off with my STD medical talk. Sometimes we medics just do not know where to draw the line!! Oops!

  8. Of course I want to see the first attempt! And all the other attempts.


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