Thursday, 7 January 2010

attention please, this is a request from your bean and anna

Ok peeps here's the dealio.  You know how I often espouse the thinking that people should just say what they think and tell me the super truth? Today is all about the yes men!  May I present you our probable save the dates.

Actually before I do I should let you know a little about them.

1. We need them, people will be travelling from afar and need the head's up.  The head's up people are not the sort of people you just call up and say, "hey, we're getting married in a few months, check it."  See here!
2. Bean and I are on the wrong end of the bell curve of creativity.  We suck at diy!
3. Obviously we are not designers and thus only used MS Word (oh the shame!) but I get so confused when trying to use anything more technical!
4. We have spent less than an hour trying to actually design something we liked.
5. I love font Budmo Jiggler the capital font and so no changies there!
6. Just so you know the picture on the left is by an artist friend and will be the same colour as the Budmo Jiggler when gocco'd (probably) and I'm thinking I will use my beloved Valentine typewriter to type the other bits.
7. We do want your honest opinions really but more in the vein of constructive criticism than the, "hell that looks like a unicorn vomited over a 5 year old's painting."

So with those caveats, here it may have to scroll for a bit!!

Ta da??

Amended 13/01/2010
I've removed the picture until I've sent STDs and then I shall repost it.
Just in case anyone happens to know Bean or myself.  I do not want to ruin the surprise!

Sooo what do you think?

We honestly do want your opinion but understand we may just ignore it because it may be more hassle than it's worth (or as Bean says, "beancause you're wrong")*

So that's goodbye from me, and that's goodbye from her!

*P.S. Thank you for all your suggestions the other day.  I tried to work them in and then a got a resounding, "you're making this too complicated" from the bean.  Gah, men!


  1. First of all the illustration is so lovely.
    Secondly I think the design looks darn good as is.
    Thirdly creativity isn't my thing so I can't really picture my suggestions in my own head so I'll hopefully be able to explain them in writing.
    I think the key messages Anna & Bean; 9 January 2010; Save the date should be the most prominent on the page so perhaps "crikey, huzzah" "Whoop Yay" should be in a smaller font or moved further away from the key message? My only other thought would be trying to make the typed text look similar to the writing on the illustration perhaps dafont would have something similar?

    Will you be printing onto a white background?

  2. Works for me! Love the personal and meaningful illustration. But then again, I'm no design maven...

  3. I like them! I really really like the font. It's just fun.
    I agree maybe make the crizey, huzzah, whoop, and yay! in a slightly smaller font so that the important details are more prominent.
    Also, I love that you used my wedding date. :)

  4. your save the date ROCKS. it's fun, funny, and very you two. we're in the middle of DIY'ing ours, so hopefully ours will be a success too!

  5. the font... i love the font!! i'm already thinking of ways to use it ;) as a whole, i think it looks good. very personal, fun, and detailed. also agree that "Anna & Bean, 9 January 2010, Save the date" could be bigger, but all in all very nice :)

  6. honey my heart stole my comment -- I love the fonts! The save-the-date is adorable. Nice work you guys!

  7. Love love love them- just as they are!
    Both the fonts are fab!

    I think the sizes of text should be left exactly how you have them.. with the purple font all the same size and the typed font all the same size it looks very balanced.. Once you have several different sized fonts it becomes a bit messier.. Having the crikey and the huzza as big as your names is what makes it fun.
    It's all big enough to read so leave it I reckon!!

    (If it were me I'd probably colour in the heart purple but that would change the illustration quite a lot and you no doubt love it how it is so maybe not the best suggestion)

  8. oh whoops sorry just read point 6.
    I should have done that before commenting
    my bad!

  9. I love how much of your personalities are in it! It's wonderful. Anything where you can say 'this bit was drawn by a friend, and I will use my typewriter to do this part' gets a thumbs up from me. Pretty much typewriters in general get a thumbs up from me! My only suggestion would that that of Spare Thoughts - that to 'cohesive-fy' the design the words in the illustration could be in typewriter font, or the typewriter font could be hand-written. But then really, that's just pedantry on my part and you could send these out now and they would be lovely.

    ps love that font.

  10. pps my 'prove you are a human please' word just then was 'Wablump'. Which I think you will agree is an excellent word and should actually be a word for something.

  11. Anything called "Budmo Jiggler" is awesome. Love the font. :)
    Are you getting married in 1/9/2011 or is the January 9th 2010 just a placeholder date?

  12. It is perfect as it is - don't change it. It's quirky and cute and funny and you :) Huzzah Whoop and Yay for your fabulous Save The Date cards :) xXx

  13. I think it's clever and quirky in a very cute way! Love the purple!

  14. Very cute.
    The graphic has a very big bum.

  15. I love it so much. It screams fun!

  16. I really like it. But I do have one question. Is your wedding date Jan. 9, 2010 as in tomorrow, or was that just a generic date picked so you could show us the design?

  17. i LOVE them. seriously, they're awesome.

  18. I love your save the dates. I agree to just leave it as you designed it then its completely what you wanted.

  19. Ah yes, just to clarify.

    No, we haven't left it to the day before the wedding to send the save the dates out.

  20. Thank you for being kind. Maybe I sort of do want yes men! (I really do not!)

    Our thinking caps are now on. Just want to send them!

    P.S. No we are not getting married tomorrow. I fear that it may be a little late to send out our invitations!

  21. P.P.S.

    How can you not love a font called Budmo Jiggler! I did think that the font in the picture and the writing font were a bit incongruous but maybe that's sort of why I love it?!

  22. Oh Anna the content is beautiful! Don't change a single word!

    The font can put your brain into quite a state. Of course since you want to keep it, do what you want! I always thought the font would portray the vibe - it seems contemporary and fun (and like you and Bean).
    Admittedly our font, Feel Script, was more my style - girly, romantic, and a touch vintage.

    Looks good!

  23. i love love love those two fonts together. and the wording is hilarious and real. good job!

  24. so this might not be very helpful, but i wanted to say it anyway. I LOVE IT!! i really really do. rock it out girl.


  25. The illustration is lovely!!! I like it a lot!!! The words are perfect too except I agree with that the important details should be made more prominent! I would probably shift the Save the Date to the top, centre align Invitation to follow but have more space above it.

  26. I know I am late, but I think the typewriter idea is genius!


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