Friday, 1 January 2010

anna and the ring redux

In literature as in love, we are astonished at what is chosen by others - Andre Maurois
So this is how I roll.
1.  Puns are allowed.  I love them.  I know they are cringworthy but I do not care.  I just don't.
2. Currently my quasi-anonymity suits me well.  There may be a time things might change but I guarantee nothing.
3. There will be shoe talk.  Not boring shoes.  I don't do boring shoes.  I do, do ridiculously expensive and impractical shoes for they are the best shoes.  (Oh I cannot wait to tell you about my new shoes.  They are too amazing.  Oh eBay you make everything ok!)
4. Whilst these musings are apparently primarily about weddings.  I am not a wedding, I am a girl with far ranging (and oft geeky) interests and I do like to reflect that here.
5. On that topic, I care not whether you are spending 1 pound or 1 million pounds on your wedding.  I simply care about the love.
6. Constructive criticism is encouraged.  Please don't be yes people.  I need you to argue your viewpoint.  It makes life far more interesting and fruitful.  (Although, haters, if you just want to be mean just don't bother here - I care not for your wastefulness)
7. Perfection is dull.  Although I do admit I am a pedant (blame my mother.)
8. I seriously want to hear from you.  Your emails and comments make everything I write worthwhile.  Also you are far more exciting than I will ever be.
9. I am ridiculously more excited about being married than the actual wedding.
10. I know I shall witter on about "the wedding" but hope to make it slightly more thrilling than my diary when I was 13.
11.  Crikey, I am actually going to spend money on the wedding.  It shall not be an insignificant amount (what is?) but we shall not be getting into debt either.  I will be attempting a little diy but I am realistic enough to know that sometimes a little money needs to thrown at a situation.
12. I am a slightly (ahem) materialistic.  So be prepared for a little swooning!  Life is too short to dismiss all shiny baubles.
13. I have been "blessed" with ample assets.  They are hot, yet do not hate on me for wanting to get a little healthier (and lose some weight for the wedding) for there is not one adult picture of myself I can bear to look upon.  I refuse to spend money on photographs at which I will cringe and hide in a drawer.
14. I am well educated and opinionated and make no apologies for my views.  (Yet I do respect your right to disagree, see point 6)
15. I may occasionally suggest places you "must" visit or things you "must" try.  This is only because they are awesome.  I would never dream of making you do or think anything.  I sort of assume that you are such fabulous peeps that you understand that?
16. Deep pink and grey are hot.
17. To understand the vibe I adore simply think of Beyonce and dancing to Crazy in Love and you get the idea.  The Bean and I do not dance ironically or with finesse, we dance to cry with laughter.
18. Love is all encompassing.  I wish I didn't have to write this because it should be obvious. Gay, straight, black, white.  I don't care, everyone is welcome here.  Love is love.  'Tis my motto and I happily shout this from the rooftops.
19. To summarise, these will continue to be shabby chic luxe musings attempting to create a relaxed, fun yet decadent wedding and life.  Enjoy.  (If you don't enjoy then you have no business hanging around!) anna xxx


  1. I love puns, too. I find myself using them even when I don't try. It's quite amusing.

  2. love it. love every one of those. (pink and grey are hot. anything bright with grey is hot. teal? yellow? yes please) and I especially love that you used that picture again. happy new year!x

  3. Sigh, love, love, love.

    Here is to a year full of puns, love, not being perfect, and awesome recommendations!

  4. Yay! I love your list!

    I can't wait for more chic geek, shoes, puns and the lot :) I effing love your blog.

    Happy 2010!

  5. Ok so you don't want any "Yes men" commentators, but all I can think after reading this is yes, yes, YES! Very excited to hear your thoughts in the New Year.

  6. I am so excited! I love puns (you find a lot of horrible one in my blog I am sure).

  7. What a great list :-)

    So glad I found your blog, am currently planning my June wedding. Lots of inspiration here.


  8. I like puns too. The worse the better as far as Im concerned! hehe

    ALso love Beyonce Crazy in Love- it puts me in the best mood, its such as sassy song.

    I am unashamadly trying to lose weight for my wedding. I don't know why its so unfashionable to admit being on a diet these days.
    I am happy for people who feel good at their current weight, but for the rest of us eating less and exercising more is a fact of life. I dont want to look at my wedding photos and regret not trying harder.

    Looking forward to hearing more about your wedding plans and everything else as well.

  9. It's like reading a list of things I wanted to write, but lacked the ability to put pen to paper (so to speak) effectively enough. Yes to you!

    Yours faithfully,

    Your Yes Woman.

    Here's to 2010 and your lovely blog :)

  10. Gah! What did I say about you yes women!! Why I oughta!


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