Monday, 18 January 2010

anna and her captivating circle of celebratory comrades

As a girl who fears that her friends do not really like her it was rather frightening.  Well obviously they tolerate me in social situations but my actual friends? Well, sure enough to ask but still worried they might say no and laugh at the thought.

So I finally plucked up the courage to ask my comrades for their hands in weddingness.  A nervous girl sat before each wonderful girl with her heart a fluttering on three separate occasions.  Three separate occasions which did nothing for my health!  Luckily the ladies do not really know each other so I was able space out these meetings over the last two months.

Yet, why was I worried?  I was stupid. I should have realised people actually want to be involved in my life.  I am not an island!  Talk about making a girl ecstatically happy, perhaps more excited than when Bean proposed! They are beautiful, intelligent and above all freakin' awesome.

Eeekables!  Booyah!

I now have three (for the even numbers frighten me so) fabulous ladies in waiting, in anticipation.   Wonderful ladies who are forever texting me and emailing me with their ideas and their support.  I could not have chosen better.  They say, "I care not what you make me wear." and "I will wear peach taffeta for you." They squeal with excitement when I discuss my ideas and then offer me their help with wedding woes!  I love you.  They shall be known forthwith as The Giggler, The Mouse and The Marathon.  Maybe a post about said names shall be in the offing!

So happy days and a happy Na.  Happy as a girl wearing a cape playing with miniature roses with her teeny tiny brother!  Now I just need to nag the Bean into deciding upon a Best Man. Gah!  Just decide, boy.  Or at least set the contenders a set of Herculean tasks to whittle down your choices!

Check out my amazing blue cape fashioned from a scarf, of course, and my crazy awesome boots!

P.S. I may have visited a dress maker.  Oh the excitement.  Would you like to know more? (V. Starship Troopers!)


  1. yes yes yes, I want to know more dressmaking good ness! I have 3 ladies too, At first I only had 2, although I really wanted another dear friend, but I felt 3 was too many. After a while I asked my parents if I could ask the third, I'm so glad I did. Lord only knows why I didn't in the first place, she is a sister to me. My main lady (by dint of geography as much as anything else, the other two are at the other end of the county) immediatly got out her own wedding box as soon as i asked her, and started going through it all with me. Its lovely having other people to share tit all with isnt it!

  2. YAY! I can't wait to hear more about those lovely ladies and the amazing feats of frienddom they will most certainly do to help keep you sane through all wedding-related shenanigans. Wahoo!

    I had 3 rockstar gals myself. The perfect number, I'd say. But I myself have an irrational hatred of even numbers, too. I thought it was just my borderline OCD rearing it's ugly head, but somehow it makes me feel better knowing I'm not the only one who prefers the odds :)

    And of COURSE, I must know more about the dressmaker! Egads! That's so exciting!

    P.S. That really might be one of the cutest pics I've ever seen. OMG. The cape makes my heart crunch!

  3. What is it with boys and their best man indecisiveness? Paddy has decided to have two... one for each wedding. At least it is a decision ;)

  4. Oh ps- I have that apple peeler in your 'Picture of the Day'. It is amazing :)))

  5. hooray for beautiful, amazing friends to stand by you :) so happy for you, anna!

  6. Yay! It's all so exciting! You can't just leave us with a cliffhanger like "I may have visited a dress maker." More!

  7. yay! i'm so happy for you to have such wonderful friends. how could they not love you and want to take part in your happiness & bliss?

    oh and i love your cape & boots!!! so amazing. stylin as ever :)

  8. UUUUM. Dressmaker! Go. Tell. Now. Thanks.

  9. Yey! Sounds like you picked very well.

    And YEAH I want to hear about the dress maker - like now!


    i'm so happy for you that your bridesladies are giving you such joy-you deserve it!

  11. How amazing that you have such awesome friends. I thoroughly enjoyed planning my sister's wedding with our cousin and her best friend. We had so much fun all working and laughing together to make her vision a reality. Now with my own wedding I am excited to have 6 special ladies standing up beside me. My sister (MOH) has been assisting me in creating stationery type items and such for the wedding related items and she listens to my many ideas about wedding releated topics. However, the other 4 girls are not around as much and are super busy with their own lives and issues (one is also out of state). So they actually don't even probably know a lot about what I have going on with the wedding nor do they ever offer up any ideas for me. I think it's mostly because they know how controlling and obsessive I am about the big day so they know I've got it handled. Two of them did however cry me tears when I asked them to stand up with me which made me feel so so good! I can't wait to hear more about you're awesome ladies and your potential dress making!

  12. We want to hear all about the dressmaker, so exciting!

    Lovely to have your ladies sorted too, I too have an odd number in that I have 5 and they are all currently arranging my hen weekend which I am not allowed to know about till the time!

  13. Oh happy Na! I wish you would believe that you are as freakin awesome as these girls you've asked to be in your team. Would love to hear more about Team Na and of course the dress maker, we must hear more about the dressmaker.

  14. How could you ever doubt it Anna? You are much loved!

    Oh did you get my e-mail? Please do order the straws and lmk if there are problems!


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