Wednesday, 27 January 2010

wedding list wednesday

Oh to be a child once more.  Well actually I have no desire to be a child once more.  I fear that would be awfully dull.  The future is bright and all that. Yet this wondrous rocking throne is designed for the little ones and me wanty.  It rocks, literally.  It is plain for the little ones to decorate with their lofty dreams in mind.

Whilst I may wax lyrical about wanting to lose weight I would never want to be a child size again so could the V&A possibly make one in an adult size?  Preferably in the near future.  Thanks in advance.


I'm not going to apologise.  I've learnt that I apologise far too much.  I'm just going to say I've been a little low and not had the enthusiasm for this little place.

Yet, I'm am enthused now.  Maybe expect a flurry of posts today.

Sorry.  Damn, bugger!  Argh.

Thursday, 21 January 2010

The Giggler, The Mouse and The Marathon.

The Giggler, The Mouse and The Marathon sound awfully like superhero nemeses!

Yet they are my girls and an integral part of the fun and whilst I may not name them formally I should at least introduce them properly!  Although my little descriptions here shall do them no justice!

So in no specific order here is...

The Giggler
My best friend from senior school.  We spent our formative years giggling through our lessons together.  She was the one that always got me into trouble with a particular teacher, Miss Marigold.*  Mainly because my lovely giggling friend was the star runner and I was not reaching my true potential. Gah.  Our main giggletime was during our more artistic classes where we both realised we were at the wrong of the Gaussian curve of creativity.  She traced pictures from ikea catalogues whilst I got angry trying  make "perfect" clay pots. Ah those were the days.  She does find it rather scary that I am trying to be more creative! Love her to bits, love that she always laughs at my, usually rubbish, jokes, has a talent for gossip and even after umpteen visits to my flat still gets lost on her way from the tube.

The Marathon
Now this awesome lady is Bean's cousin.  From our first meeting we got on well but since her wedding a couple of  years ago we became far closer.  It was her wonderful wedding in particular that made me realise I yearned for an intimate yet decadent celebration.  Her marathoness is derived from the fact she cycles for hundreds of miles just for funsies and has the hottest body to boot!  She and her hubby make a pretty lethal vodka martini so are very handy when there is a party to plan.  Love her let's do anything and everything spirit, her super inquiring mind and that I see her as practically a sister because she just cares so much.  

The Mouse
Ah, the mouse. A cruelish nickname from junior school which she encouraged when I first met her at senior school.  Without doubt this girl is a clever souris.  We have only grown close since we left school.  She has changed dramatically (for the better) over the past couple of years and is now truly a beautiful young lady.  I love her ambition, the fact she keeps texting me with all her ideas and is already plotting henness.  Am I scared, oh I may be slightly terrified.  Yet I trust her enough to know there will be no penis straws.  She will be the girl dancing with me until dawn and I cannot wait!

So there are my fabulous girls.  I am so lucky to have them in my life.  I know it sounds so soppy but I have never felt so loved.  Tis awesome.  Weddings really do bring out the best in some! people.

So yay for the girls.  I just need Bean to decide on his boys. I think I know who he may eventually pick as his number 1 man but when deciding between friends and brothers, things apparently take time!

P.S. And so to follow the recent trend of twitter and so forth I have added formspring to my little repetoire. Feel free to ask me anything, I think!, at Or just email me for a less public response!?  

*Obviously another cunning pseudonym!

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

the answer to my wedding list woes?

Oh yes it is true that I am rather befuddled by the whole gift list situation.  I can see the pros but do I really want to traipse around John Lewis calculating what present balance would appear to be least selfish?  Oh yes, I must waste a weekend contemplating the vagaries of each and every gravy boat.

That was until I found this delectable option, The Vintage Wedding List.  Well actually I'd rather not share this with you because it is rather awesome and I want it all for myself.  Bru ha ha!

From beautiful antique glasses to exquisitely sweet Victorian samplers and every vintage lover's dream in between.  Now this is a place a girl could fall for.  Seriously can you cope with the fantabulousness?!

P.S. Twas the wonderful Love My Dress who first brought this deliciousness to my attention.  (I'd rather not let you know about Love My Dress either because I fear you will find her amazing site far more thrilling!)

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

seriously bean if you read this i will know

I will know...

                                                                                                                            please don't!

I know I shouldn't care whether the Bean sees my dress before the wedding but I hardly ever super dress up so this archaic rule is kind of cute.  I'm meeting with the dressmaker again on Friday so I will give you more details then.  I promise!    Obviously I could not leave you without a few thoughts.  So here is my little inspiration board to whet your appetite!

What do you think? What would your board be filled with?

Monday, 18 January 2010

anna and her captivating circle of celebratory comrades

As a girl who fears that her friends do not really like her it was rather frightening.  Well obviously they tolerate me in social situations but my actual friends? Well, sure enough to ask but still worried they might say no and laugh at the thought.

So I finally plucked up the courage to ask my comrades for their hands in weddingness.  A nervous girl sat before each wonderful girl with her heart a fluttering on three separate occasions.  Three separate occasions which did nothing for my health!  Luckily the ladies do not really know each other so I was able space out these meetings over the last two months.

Yet, why was I worried?  I was stupid. I should have realised people actually want to be involved in my life.  I am not an island!  Talk about making a girl ecstatically happy, perhaps more excited than when Bean proposed! They are beautiful, intelligent and above all freakin' awesome.

Eeekables!  Booyah!

I now have three (for the even numbers frighten me so) fabulous ladies in waiting, in anticipation.   Wonderful ladies who are forever texting me and emailing me with their ideas and their support.  I could not have chosen better.  They say, "I care not what you make me wear." and "I will wear peach taffeta for you." They squeal with excitement when I discuss my ideas and then offer me their help with wedding woes!  I love you.  They shall be known forthwith as The Giggler, The Mouse and The Marathon.  Maybe a post about said names shall be in the offing!

So happy days and a happy Na.  Happy as a girl wearing a cape playing with miniature roses with her teeny tiny brother!  Now I just need to nag the Bean into deciding upon a Best Man. Gah!  Just decide, boy.  Or at least set the contenders a set of Herculean tasks to whittle down your choices!

Check out my amazing blue cape fashioned from a scarf, of course, and my crazy awesome boots!

P.S. I may have visited a dress maker.  Oh the excitement.  Would you like to know more? (V. Starship Troopers!)

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

wedding list wednesday

Just a quick grabby grabby post today!  Ack I did not mean to say that but it seems rather apt since I am still confused as to whether we need (want) a gift list.  Now these have been around for ages but I recently saw them at the Bluebird Shop on the King's Road (It's my new favourite shop!).

I would adore something like this for my home.  How narcissistic it seems for me? Maybe a crafty friend could knock up something similar?!  I just adore the colour, the words, the charm. Yes, they would be far more welcome on my walls than an actual picture of myself (which may never happen.)  Which words would I want?  Obviously something ridiculously witty and insightful! What would I choose for the Bean? (If I were allowed to choose for the Bean!)

What do you think?  What would you like yours to say?

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

yes for the dancing

Thank you for all your words yesterday.  Love them.  I may have to rethink my words.  Although I hope I don not change my mind for I do think they are pretty awesome!

Now, you may have heard talk of dancing!  The Bean and I both love to dance. We rarely dance together as a foot difference in height makes not a happy gliding couple. Yet we love dancing, we dance until our feet hurt (usually mine) and until with are breathless with laughter.  There shall be much dancing at the wedding.  Oh yes.  However I do ponder how can one take dancing to the next level for this day of days?  An age old conundrum, I think you'll agree!

Imagine my joy when I stumbled upon this wonderment on We Heart.

What can be used as a wonderful coffee table by day can transform into the uber hot laser dance stage for night powered by an iPod.

Seriously who wouldn't want a couple of these in their home?  Just close your eyes (metaphorically) and envision the following conversation.

"Oh 'tis a dull Tuesday night what shall we do?"
"Hark it is not yet watermelon wednesday!"
"But wait we have a Moritz Waldemeyer's Home Disco"
Furious dramatic brushing off (like in the movies) of all the everyday detritus which manages to finds its way onto all our real life coffee tables.
"Hells yeah"
"Shake it baby"
"Tuesday's are freakin' awesome."

Monday, 11 January 2010

so to the wedding...

I realise that perhaps we should have thought about "our wedding" in greater detail before entering the realms of decision making. Well we had some idea, for a start we had been dating for over 8 years, were living together and in recent times family weddings we had attended had started to turn certain cogs.

Indeed we also watched the evil programme "Don't Tell the Bride."  I am not sure whether this format has reached any of your pretty eyes but it is a show in which the groom makes all the planning decisions from the date to dress and all in between in 4 short weeks in exchange for about £12 000 ($20 000 US).  The tension is laid on with a spade.  Will he find the right dress (of course he will and if he doesn't another dress may magically appear.)  Then everyone is far too startled that their son, or brother or best friend could possibly be able to pull of an event as complicated.  Gosh, a man, how revolutionary.  (Sorry I really get the grumpies from all the uber feminist media out there.  Men are not rubbish.  Some men are, yes but so are some woman.  Deal with it.) This programme, for the most part, highlighted the fact that we are slightly snobby and we know what we don't want!

As usual, I digress!

So just recently I put the age old question to Bean, "in 3 words how do you want our wedding to feel?"

Ha! Such a foolish young girl am I.  

Here follows a slightly shortened transcript.

"This is so ridiculous, quit nagging me, who wants to describe their wedding in 3 words. You are stupid, this is stupid, quit nagging me."

"But Bean!" I exclaim with an exasperated sigh.

"No, it's impossible, why would I want to do something so pointless?" he says with his eyes glazing over as he fears I am delving into another pointless talk.

"Well I sort of have 3 words" I quietly admit.

"Well what are they, then?" Mr Bean has crossed his arms now and is looking at me with one of his I know all smiles.

I tell him.  He agrees. The end.

Well sort of.

Oh the mastery of the Bean, how foolish to think that one would want to sum up their wedding in but three words.  Yet we do need to follow some sort of direction to tame the beast that may become our nuptials.  We need to know if only to stop my late night trawling of eBay for random objects that might add to the ambiance.  (Although I do realise that things do not create ambiance but can they add to it?)  So I've decided (Bean will shrug and agree) from henceforth there shall be no talk of moods, words or god forbid, themes (bleurgh)

Here's the dirty little secret.  I still love my words.  They fill me with joy and happiness. I love them.  Shush don't tell bean!!

Want to know what my 3 words were/are?

Relaxed. Decadent. Fun.

I like to think that once I am knighted for my contribution to science our family family crest will read the same albeit in delicious Latin (now that's decadent fun all on its own). Indeed it is exactly how I want our wedding, life and legacy to feel.  Nothing more, nothing less.  Imperfection embraced.

Also I would secretly love to know which three words you would use?  But again shush, don't tell Bean (or the cool kids!)

Sunday, 10 January 2010

i had a dream last night...well it was more like last thursday but let us ignore that

Well, not so much a dream, more like a rampant daydream.

Picture the scene.  The light is fading, beautiful feathers of snow are floating down outside the window and I am cocooned within my handsome duvet.  What should a girl do?

Watch naught but the finest films that the world has offered us, of course.

Which films would you chose? Which film warms your cockles?

For me it was The Bodyguard.  Oh to be a pre crack Whitney. Yet I was malcontent.  Suddenly Whitney was not enough. My voice disappointed me in the cold empty room.  (Who doesn't sing along?)  My swooning over a much younger Mr Costner was certainly not enough.

Hmm, what else could I watch?  Why yes, of course, the wondrous - Little Shop of Horrors!  It has been years since I last listened to the fabulous words and been frightened by the fearsome Audrey II.

The more I listened the more I fell in love.  It is but a story about the struggles one must endure to find true love.  The WIC is portrayed beautifully by Audrey II.  The quasi evilness which sucks blood from the life force that is wedding happiness but is ultimately? slain.  The dentist is the past we are all leaving behind.  Yes, we may have suffered by its hand but we are stronger because of our struggles.  For me Skid Row is the perfect metaphor for my ill health and the discovery that I need to take my problems seriously.  Although I fear I over labouring this metaphor.

I shall finish with my epiphany.  It made me realise I yearn for an all singing and all dancing wedding and life.  My girls shall be not maids but backing singers (without any requirement to sing unless they wish.)  I shall relish the disparity of scale (from tiny flowers to huge canap├ęs) which our wedding shall bring and delight in slight campness which both Bean and I possess.

I simply cannot wait to dance and sing my way through one of the top 50 weekends of my life and Bean will support me and I, him.  The film shall be a beautiful allegory for the wedding, I think.

Hope you are all your beautiful Brits (and almost Brits) are "enjoying" the snow!

Seriously I was beyond cute and obviously loved the camera.  When did I lose my joie de vivre?

Thursday, 7 January 2010

attention please, this is a request from your bean and anna

Ok peeps here's the dealio.  You know how I often espouse the thinking that people should just say what they think and tell me the super truth? Today is all about the yes men!  May I present you our probable save the dates.

Actually before I do I should let you know a little about them.

1. We need them, people will be travelling from afar and need the head's up.  The head's up people are not the sort of people you just call up and say, "hey, we're getting married in a few months, check it."  See here!
2. Bean and I are on the wrong end of the bell curve of creativity.  We suck at diy!
3. Obviously we are not designers and thus only used MS Word (oh the shame!) but I get so confused when trying to use anything more technical!
4. We have spent less than an hour trying to actually design something we liked.
5. I love font Budmo Jiggler the capital font and so no changies there!
6. Just so you know the picture on the left is by an artist friend and will be the same colour as the Budmo Jiggler when gocco'd (probably) and I'm thinking I will use my beloved Valentine typewriter to type the other bits.
7. We do want your honest opinions really but more in the vein of constructive criticism than the, "hell that looks like a unicorn vomited over a 5 year old's painting."

So with those caveats, here it may have to scroll for a bit!!

Ta da??

Amended 13/01/2010
I've removed the picture until I've sent STDs and then I shall repost it.
Just in case anyone happens to know Bean or myself.  I do not want to ruin the surprise!

Sooo what do you think?

We honestly do want your opinion but understand we may just ignore it because it may be more hassle than it's worth (or as Bean says, "beancause you're wrong")*

So that's goodbye from me, and that's goodbye from her!

*P.S. Thank you for all your suggestions the other day.  I tried to work them in and then a got a resounding, "you're making this too complicated" from the bean.  Gah, men!


Oh crumbs, I have only just realised (6 months too late!) that I usually don't/ forget to comment upon your wonderful comments!

Please be sure that I do pay attention to all your wonderful words.  I often start conversations in my head only to start talking to someone else and assume they know what I'm talking about. So I oft giggle, ponder and answer your questions and then forget to actually respond.  (I thought telepathy worked!) Does anyone else do this?

More responses from me shall be forthcoming henceforth!

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

wedding list wednesday - vill you join me?

I must admit, I have never thought of travelling to Villnus in Lithuania. 

Yet for this wonderful table I may think again. Seriously, I have lusted over this beauty for years. It was designed by the wondrous Neringa Dervinyte as part of her Romance range in 2004. (Oh my that is so long ago!)

I used to dream about owning a pair of these beauties to use as bedside tables. Although I do think their best feature would be lost if they were cocooned by a bed.  Imagine how the light would dance merrily through the  laser cut metal.  Heavenly.  One day, my pretties, one day!

chlamydia, treponema, candida - mummy needs you

Oh how Bean and I giggle about the future names of our children.  To call out for Chlamydia or Dementia at the supermarket.  Perfection.  I fear my children would be taken into protective custody!

Oh, I digress.  Of course I am here to talk about our STDs. I still giggle at the acronym.  Whilst this may be a rather new phenomenon here in the UK I think it is becoming increasing more popular.  Now this may seem like a rather curious coincidence but I had planned to write this post today (despite my grumblings on another site).  For Bean and me, save the dates are helpful.  Whilst I am happy just to call my friends up to say, "hey you know we're getting married, it's happening in November - check it," it just doesn't seem quite the same when talking to elderly relatives or older family friends.  Certain friends will be travelling from France and Italy and so do need advance warning and I do like the idea of building up the suspense of our nuptials!

Indeed, I am getting uber excited about the whole creative side of the wedding.  It is a side to myself which has rarely been seen before!  I also understand that this is totally unnecessary when marrying the one you love. (A whole other post me thinks.  I like that all you need to do when you get married is actually get married, everything else is for funsies!)

So how does one word these naughty little pieces of paper?  Enter anal anna! One quick question to quench my STD thirst?  I don't really care, probably.  Shall we just blame Mr "Perfectionist" Bean?

We are celebrating over an entire weekend.  Whoop de woop! So I'm thinking I should say that we are marrying on the weekend of... rather than on Saturday the..?

So the weekend of the 8-10th January rather than Saturday 9th January.

Answers on a response card please! Do you regretfully accept or enthusiastically decline?

Obviously I will need the lucky few who receieve such an auspicious invitation to react thusly!

Or I shall cry a thousand rivers!

Seriously, how funny do my brother and I look at the opening of a globe!  Oh the eighties were awesome!

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

god these ladies are hot.

Each and every day I feel as though I am bombarded by visions of how I am meant to look as a bride.  From the magazines which I know I shouldn't read to those awful advertisements on Facebook telling me how I can lose 20 stone in 2 easy weeks!

Those who have read these pages before may have gleaned  I am not a skinny Minnie.  I do adore my ample assets yet I do often feel that I am a behemoth.  Which I am, in comparison to some of my friends despite my 5 foot and 2 inch frame, I am monstrous.

Indeed this does cause anguish.  I do wish I were smaller.  I want to be smaller.  In some respects I simply want to be healthier.  I want to be able to run up 9 flights of stairs without seeing purple spots in front of my eyes whilst trying to perform effective chest compressions! 

So with such great timing the following set of photographs entered my consciousness.

The photograph below simply exude sexiness.  I have no desire to be a size 0, it would not suit me.  I need to have flesh on my face for expression.  I also see these woman are insanely beautiful and so no matter which size they are they will be beautiful.  I just wish I could ooze their confidence in daily life no matter which size I become.  I will never be tiny, I just need to be happy in my own skin.  Size really should not be an issue.  Indeed beautiful photographs should be published no matter the size of the woman.  Yet I fear it will be an uphill struggle until "fashion" embraces all woman.

Now a far more erudite discussion was started by the wonderful A Los Angeles Love so I urge you to move over to her wonderful site to discuss the beautiful photographs and their consequences.

Sunday, 3 January 2010

so i believe we are on the same page?

So as I have purged myself of superfluousness I feel it is time to maybe make some rather esoteric and some other rather more tangible "resolutions." No resolutions sounds so archaic.  Let us embrace allieration (wink wink to a wonderful reader) and the joy that is  - Charming Cogitated Contemplations.  Yes, that sounds better.  Happy, thoughtful, optimistic yet realistic.

Right then,

1. Be happier.  (So quantifiable.)
2. Do more stuff. This stuff need not be thrilling just new and different.  I live in London, for crying out loud, I can do something fantastical everyday.
3. Get married.
4. Drink finer booze, albeit not in such great quantities.
5. Learn knife skills (whilst I would love to be a knife thrower, yes that would be awesome but as a left eye dominant right hander I fear this will never happen, I really want to chop, chop those onions like a mother f***er!)
6. Get healthy - eat more colourful tasty food so I can dance all night long, baby!
7. Get my naughty broken tooth fixed.
8. Wear prettier/hotter dresses.
9. Write far more thrilling posts which might actually enthral, provoke a little controversy and generally make me and you smile.

Here's to 2010! What charming contemplations do you envision?
Hugs from a party dress wearing running Anna xxx

Friday, 1 January 2010

anna and the ring redux

In literature as in love, we are astonished at what is chosen by others - Andre Maurois
So this is how I roll.
1.  Puns are allowed.  I love them.  I know they are cringworthy but I do not care.  I just don't.
2. Currently my quasi-anonymity suits me well.  There may be a time things might change but I guarantee nothing.
3. There will be shoe talk.  Not boring shoes.  I don't do boring shoes.  I do, do ridiculously expensive and impractical shoes for they are the best shoes.  (Oh I cannot wait to tell you about my new shoes.  They are too amazing.  Oh eBay you make everything ok!)
4. Whilst these musings are apparently primarily about weddings.  I am not a wedding, I am a girl with far ranging (and oft geeky) interests and I do like to reflect that here.
5. On that topic, I care not whether you are spending 1 pound or 1 million pounds on your wedding.  I simply care about the love.
6. Constructive criticism is encouraged.  Please don't be yes people.  I need you to argue your viewpoint.  It makes life far more interesting and fruitful.  (Although, haters, if you just want to be mean just don't bother here - I care not for your wastefulness)
7. Perfection is dull.  Although I do admit I am a pedant (blame my mother.)
8. I seriously want to hear from you.  Your emails and comments make everything I write worthwhile.  Also you are far more exciting than I will ever be.
9. I am ridiculously more excited about being married than the actual wedding.
10. I know I shall witter on about "the wedding" but hope to make it slightly more thrilling than my diary when I was 13.
11.  Crikey, I am actually going to spend money on the wedding.  It shall not be an insignificant amount (what is?) but we shall not be getting into debt either.  I will be attempting a little diy but I am realistic enough to know that sometimes a little money needs to thrown at a situation.
12. I am a slightly (ahem) materialistic.  So be prepared for a little swooning!  Life is too short to dismiss all shiny baubles.
13. I have been "blessed" with ample assets.  They are hot, yet do not hate on me for wanting to get a little healthier (and lose some weight for the wedding) for there is not one adult picture of myself I can bear to look upon.  I refuse to spend money on photographs at which I will cringe and hide in a drawer.
14. I am well educated and opinionated and make no apologies for my views.  (Yet I do respect your right to disagree, see point 6)
15. I may occasionally suggest places you "must" visit or things you "must" try.  This is only because they are awesome.  I would never dream of making you do or think anything.  I sort of assume that you are such fabulous peeps that you understand that?
16. Deep pink and grey are hot.
17. To understand the vibe I adore simply think of Beyonce and dancing to Crazy in Love and you get the idea.  The Bean and I do not dance ironically or with finesse, we dance to cry with laughter.
18. Love is all encompassing.  I wish I didn't have to write this because it should be obvious. Gay, straight, black, white.  I don't care, everyone is welcome here.  Love is love.  'Tis my motto and I happily shout this from the rooftops.
19. To summarise, these will continue to be shabby chic luxe musings attempting to create a relaxed, fun yet decadent wedding and life.  Enjoy.  (If you don't enjoy then you have no business hanging around!) anna xxx


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