Wednesday, 29 July 2009

wedding list wednesday

So in lieu of me actually letting myself onto my darling blog this week I still thought I should not deny you the prettiness! Oh how I miss you blog world. I do still check my email (obviously!) so I am ecstatically happy when I receive a word or two from the lovelies that you all are. I will reply this weekend when self imposed horror week is over! Anyhoo!

I must say I am known for my love of the heart and would happily fill my home with all things heart if I didn't have some restraint or dare I say it, taste!

I would love this mirror in a little girl's room.

This would be my chair in my home office for reading all those journal articles that will pile up at feet. I can just see the little table to the side and me with my legs crossed snuggling into the left hand side! Whilst I love, love, love the colour, I fear a darker colour would be more suitable when I am juggling pens, coffee and knowledge. Hmm, maybe fuchsia or a beaten up tan leather?

Also could I love this console table in a hall anymore?!

All from Deadgood. I love their stock and one day I may own at least the fantabulous chair!

Friday, 24 July 2009

the new trend starts here

Now there has been a call for creepy animal masks (thanks esb) to become the new thing. I find them on the cusp of terrifying. Not as terrifying as clowns, their painted faces hiding a deep sorrow. Genuinely disturbing. Anyhoo. I am not sure I could face the whole creepy masks and I guess it is about time I offered something slightly original to my blogging world.

So here goes! I love, love, love the hair fabulousness from places such as and Sheena Holland. Seriously who wouldn't want one of these lovelies? I would literally wear one everyday if I had the funds. Although I am feeling the idea of buying one and wearing it until it falls apart. Then I would cry.

I mean seriously, look!

However, sometimes, and maybe it is simply the angle at which a photo is taken or the head tilt of the model/ real person but I get the pirate eye patch vibe.

Although I fear that this trend may have been and gone. I think enough time has passed for a revival? I feel that I could really love the whole pirate vibe. Now the boy, oh I mean Bean, loves pirates! Not the rubbish Pirates of the Caribbean but a real pirate.

So what do you think? I guess this is where this whole post stemmed from. Fantabulous, non?


I found this fabulous De la Cierva & Nicolás catwalk show through Casando ideias. A Brazilian journalist living in the UK. Do check it out!

Maybe with these ludicrously fabulous boots/sandals?

Amputee/pegleg chic may be a little beyond our means. Although who doesn’t think this prosthesis, designed with an Eames chair in mind, isn't beautiful?


So my lovelies, what do you think? Am I onto a winner?! Do you feel you could rock this look be it in the oft maligned engagement photo or even as a super cool one eyed bride? Or have I gone crazy in my sleep deprived state?

Postscript added 25th July
Oh no. I really was hoping to start a trend. If I have engagement photos I will definitely be rocking the eye patch look.

Also on a serious note how do people cope with a disability and fashion? I have enough trouble and I'm "normal"*. Hmm if feel a new post brewing.

*Whatever normal is?! Oh how I love philosophy!

Thursday, 23 July 2009

now i am not one for black shoes, usually

However, these are simply divine.

Why don't I like black shoes? I'm not entirely sure. I guess they remind me of hideous school shoes and I have always wanted to add an edge of fabulousness with colourful shoes. I have always chosen a dark brown or fuchsia pink instead.

So what do you think of these bad boys?! What is your go to shoe colour?

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

the man formerly known as "the boy"

So after a heart wrenching discussion we have finally decided upon a new real name for "the boy."

Well, not so much of the heart wrenching and more of indifference on the part of the boy.

Trumpets please,

May I proudly introduce .....


Yey! I hope he continues to contribute. Yey for the Bean!

wedding list wednesday

How I love the idea of pretty roller blinds. Ella Doran offers blinds with heavenly vistas, gorgeous flowers and other wondorus creations. I love the idea of this blind in my kitchen, especially at the moment when, whilst we look out onto a tiny little flowerbed, the main view is of, albeit pretty, garages. I am also in love with the idea of drift planting for when I am a grown-up with fields at my disposal. Pretty, pretty wild flowers are heavenly.

Or how about your own customised blind. I would use the image from below in a bathroom (well maybe not the chicest bathroom!) I took it when I was sunning myself in Tuvalu when the kids just started playing around me. And yes, there were hundreds of photo fails before I got, what I felt was, the best photo!

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

the boy

Thank you for being so kind to the boy! I think he was quite nervous!

I now realise he can't be called "the boy" because it sounds so silly when you address him as "boy."

So tonight we shall come up with an appropriate pseudonym! I am rooting for Bean. We shall see!

Will update you later, for now I have raspberry muffins to make.


Monday, 20 July 2009

my first

So, this is the long awaited and much vaunted debut of “the boy”. I do worry that Anna’s rather built this up too much, but anyway. Here we go…

I think I’ll probably start with exactly the topic that Anna said I would, the propaganda that surrounds the whole wedding business and the role of the groom therein. Before you all chime in, yes I do have a mind of my own but I think Anna’s already explained my decision making processes and it’s probably best actually get something written and hope the momentum carries me forward. Oh, and before I properly get started I’d like to just correct the possible impression that you might have of me personally. So far Anna’s told you that I like playing video games and making spreadsheets which clearly marks me out as the most boring man alive. Well I’m not exactly sure what to say about that. I don’t want to seem too desperate for your approval but I’d like you to believe that I am at least marginally more interesting than that suggests.

Of course the main focus (
foci?) of my ire are the wedding magazines. Anna got started on the magazines a while back when my cousin was organising her wedding (which was lovely, although I did get rather, rather too drunk and ever since my mother has thought that I have an alcohol problem. An impression Anna has done her utmost to reinforce whenever I see her). It’s at this point that I’ll apologise about the overuse of brackets (or parentheses if you’re being pedantic).

A magazine has (looking at the first one to hand) about 300 pages, half of which is adverts. Of the remaining part that is actually articles you’ll see that maybe about ten pages are for or about the groom and that includes everything to do with the Best Man, ushers, gifts for the Best Man and the ushers and a couple of pictures of suits. I can forgive some of that because there’s a little bit more to be thinking about with dresses than for a suit (though only a little as you might see later) and there’s a limit to how much I can care about flowers. It’s not really that, it’s the content that bothers me. The same every month and clearly very much an afterthought. The sum total of wisdom dispensed in these sections seems to be that all the man needs to do is let the woman do whatever she wants and make sure your ushers do what they’re told. Television is no better, though unless you’
ve got Sky/Cable you’re spared the occasionally hilarious drivel that turns up on Wedding TV. Don’t Tell The Bride would have you believe that a man successfully planning a wedding is the most remarkable and improbable thing that could possibly occur.

The general impression given by the media is that if you’re a man and you want to be involved in the wedding beyond just turning up then there’s something rather absurd and slightly wrong about you. It’s not going to stop me but then where do I look for guidance about how to handle things? I’
ve got three older brothers but none of them are married or engaged and I’m the first of any of my friends to get engaged so none of them are any use. The only option left is the dubious characters that you find on the internet. So if you’ve got any suggestions…

ve just realised that as well as being boring, I’m also coming across as being rather ranty. Hopefully I should remedy that in future episodes which should, if Anna has her way, be occurring about once a week.

and so I leave you to the boy

Enjoy, my ladies, enjoy!

I am jealous, he writes so prettily!

And remember, be nice!

Sunday, 19 July 2009

6 degrees of separation

Come on bean, finish your masterpiece! Maybe he needs some encouragement from my lovely fellow writers!

In the meantime, I was tagged by the lovely talda and dawn to fill out a pretty cute meme about things that make me happy. I thought I would add a little spice. So I am starting with love and trying to come back full circle!

1. Love, when I was a young slip of a thing I don't think I really believed in love. How wrong could one girl be! It makes me feel optimistic and beautiful. Go team love!

2. Pretty art. Whilst I love modern art I do love to fill our home with pretty pretty things such as this beauty.

3. Fonts, how I loved you when I was little. However since I have entered the realm of blog love I have found a whole new level of font fabulousness and they are free! Double whoop!

4. Letters especially the handwritten kind. Who doesn't like to receive a beautiful handcrafted note? I remember back when the boy used to write lovely letters on blue Basildon Bond paper declaring his love in between random facts about monkey head transplants. Oh the joy.

5. General knowledge and my general geekiness, without it I would never have found my way to the boy.

6. I should finish with "the boy" I think he might be upset if I didn't include him! He makes me beyond happy. I simply cannot wait to see him look like this on our wedding day! Whoop!

And so we are back to love.
And so follow the rules!
Tag and link back to the person who tagged you. list six little things that make you happy. tag six bloggers and let them know they’re “it.”

Saturday, 18 July 2009

commissioning cuteness

Hello my lovelies.

Whilst we are all waiting with baited breath for the lovely boy to finish his epic masterpiece, (it's a blog, dear, not the Iliad), I thought I could talk about randomness as usual! However fingers crossed the boy will debut on Monday night! Yes you heard it here first!!

As you may know I am relishing the thought of a small wedding. I guess this will allow me to concentrate on certain cute things. Whilst I do believe I am a perfectionist deep down, this poor perfectionist is stuck in the body of girl who is somewhat fickle and likes to get onto the next challenge without properly finishing the first. Naughty anna.

However, the vision for the wedding is lots of little projects. I'm hoping that I can find a venue in which everyone can stay which means I can leave little presents in each room! One of those ideas would be personalised jute bags. I love one of the ones I have. Obviously from etsy, and one of the nicest sellers, quillavenuestudios.

I use it all the time, it is beyond practical especially when people tend to look at you like you are about to commit murder if you dare to pick up a plactic bag. Also by personalisation I do not mean a picture of me and the boy gormlessly grinning at you! I mean person specific personalisation.

Anyhoo, I found this website yonks ago and filled it under "things that are cool" in my brain. Obviously I promptly forgot about it until I went on a extreme makeover of my favourites list (on the laptop not my brain!) which took me almost 6 hours! It's called Temporary Measure and they make cute little jute shoppers which I love. They also offer custom made juteness.

However at £28 a go they may not be in budget but do look around their site they have some very cute things!

So I am seriously thinking about making my own. Again, I am a scientist and not particularly crafty and I have no concept of how photoshop works. I just seem to be able to make a blank page worse with my attempts. So if any of you fabulous ladies (or chaps, I don't know if there are any boys reading - would love to know if you are!) have any helpful hints, tips or tutorials they would be most appreciated! Seriously, I would be forever grateful!

P.S. I just saw this on etsy and I am in love, do not fret my little valentine, I still love you the best!

All photos from links.

Friday, 17 July 2009

a diy opportunity?

First of all may I say the inspiration is not flowing today so I apologise for this slightly random post!

What do you think of these awesome albeit slightly weird hooks/bowls which attach the wall?

I quite fancy making some out of the boy's and my own hands. It can't be too expensive to make?! The boy is blessed with giant hands which could make an impressive tangled mess. One could be used to hold keys. Or you could make the mould around a test tube to make a very unique flower vase! Hmm how to make it weddingy?! Maybe both hands together to make a heart? I really am obsessed with hearts. Sorry!

Thursday, 16 July 2009


I've opened the poll again for ideas for our wedding website name!

Would really appreciate the ideas of my new readers.

Your can find the previous post for the reasons behind the names is here!

Hope lots of you come up with something fantabulous. As always I can't wait to hear from you all. You really make my day with your comments, I know, it's very lame!

an outdoor shower must?

Now we don't really do showers in the way you lovelies across the pond do. However wouldn't these just be the most adorable parasols for an outdoor picnic type shindig.

Too cute, I love the wee bird on top and the beautiful cut out detailing.

forgive my sins

I know I shouldn’t, I know it’s wrong but I have to admit I watch the TV show Bridezillas. One of the the most exciting parts of moving flat was that would could subscribe to sky and watch the delicious awfulness of WeddingTV. Oh sometimes I wish I was in one of those fantabulous households which function without a TV.

Their piece de resistance is a US show, B****zillas, for those uninitiated it is basically a fly on the wall documentary watching brides in the final weeks before their wedding and the event itself. Their “prize” is their wedding on film and a honeymoon to Jamaica. Now even from the UK package deals to Jamaica aren’t super expensive so I imagine they would be even cheaper from the US. Personally I would much rather snuggle up in a cheap little remote Scottish cottage for a couple of days than have my “moments” documented on film.

The boy and I watch slacked jawed at the shocking antics of brides (and grooms)*. Now we are not super naive and realise that most of these “little” outbursts are manufactured and edited for full effect but let me present to you a few choice sound bites from just a few shows.

"My two year old niece, if she doesn’t walk slowly i will be mad"

Seriously? She's two years old. Who cares if she can't walk in a straight line, if she runs to the end of the aisle and then dumps all the petals in one go. Whatever she does it will be cute and even if you think it isn't she is you niece not an employee!

"Its my wedding day I don’t care about anyone else here" and "I only care about me and my wedding – its mine - the groom is a guest"

Gosh, I really do not know where to start. If you do not care for them why have you invited them to your wedding? I want my day to be about me, the boy and everyone there. Whilst the boy may not care about the colour of the flowers he does care about the food, decor and other infinitesimally minute things and you know what I actually care what he thinks!

"My biggest fear if a wedding vendor does not turn up"

Your biggest fear? If this vendor happens to be a priest or officiant. This would mean you can't actually get married. Otherwise, who really cares if there are no flowers, doves or horse drawn carriages. If a caterer failed to show I would be sad, (and would be prepared to get mad at a future date!) but does it stop me from getting married? No. Yes my carefully laid delicious plans would be in tatters but it does mean we can order a huge Chinese takeaway! I've never really thought of myself as an optimist but all this wedding planning does make you think!

"I am only inviting the people who will spend an appropriate amount" and "now is the best part of the night is to come - we get to go back to our hotel all the little envelopes"

Oh could one sentence make me seethe with rage? I believe so! How unbelievably rude and inappropriate. Will you no invite your poverty stricken grandmamma if she couldn't spend money on you? How about you best friend for 15 years who can't afford to fly across the country at your beck and call and then buy you a present? Weddings are about love and not money.

"Code 3 means someone is coming in who's not on the list"

She literally had walkie talkies and gave out codes to her wedding party to ensure people did not gatecrash. Now obviously we did not hear the back story but I can't believe anyone really needs to worry about security. Well unless, you happen to be part of a mafia crime family and marrying someone from another family. That could have some security issues. Although I would still like to think that two members of the different families marrying would bring everybody together.

Now I know I could be super bitchy about the weddings themselves nearly all are not to my taste. However, whilst I think some things are tacky, to others they may be perfection. Trash is another’s treasure. What I find incredulous is the attitude some of these “ladies” have to their nearest and dearest. Yes, I snap at my mother, sometimes when she deserves it and sometimes not so much. Yet, I would never force her to wear something she didn’t want to, swear profusely or tell her what to do (mainly because she wouldn’t listen for she is Matriarch.) I would not lock up the fridge so my bridesmaid could not eat, force them to self tan or make them dye their hair. It just seem ludicrous to me. There are hundreds of similar incidents, far too many to list here. Honestly, I love watching because it makes me realise how undemanding and level headed I am. The boy occasionally agrees.

*Bridezillas is a definite must for couples, it shows how the ridiculousness of wedding planning. Another favourite of ours used to be the Jewellery Channel for the super amusing gems on sale. Oh to sit there and guess the ridiculous starting prices, which even they say implies no value or worth!

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

bunny bonanza

Well there has been a lot of talk about bunnies, creepy bunnies, myxi bunnies and general bunniness. Not one to jump on a bandwagon but I just had to share this cute thing.

Who wouldn't want a cute little bunny nightlight?

wednesday is for imaginary wedding lists

Now, I have no idea if we will have a wedding list. I understand the reasons why they were used in the past but by the time we marry we will have lived together for 2 years. Also, I do think it is a little weird to ask people to your wedding and then expect "stuff." On the otherhand, do I ever turn up at a friend's house emptyhanded?

Also renting in London is expensive and as a result we have "stuff" but not necessarily the stuff I want to use as we move on in our life. But, why does being married mean that I have to use fancy crockery or cutlery? Oh, yes I forgot I sort of bought some new crockery last week, it was half price, whoop! What do you think? It was from a site called Brand Alley and won't arrive for a few weeks.
I haven't bought the cups (we already have too many!) but we will hopefully have plates and bowls.

Oh yes we also have some "fancy" cutlery from Habitat and the boy's (well my) family bought us some super pretty glasses for an angagement present. I don't have a picture of the glasses as they are still at my parent's home but our super heavy cutlery with laser etching is called Maisy and she makes me very happy! Yay for the sales!

So thinking about it we do have some yummy things and so what would I really want as a "present?" Hmm, I guess this will mostly turn into a list of stuff I want but I will add a few choices the boy is in love with!

So what will be the first choice? Something fantastically extravagant. And when I say extravagant I mean extravagant!

Well I thought I would start being at at £16 000(!) I think these constitute big. They are from a shop near Sloane Square and I used to see them on the way to Chelsea and Westminster Hospital as a student. I do recall dreaming about living inside such a fabulous geode. I dreamt everything would sparkle and I would bask in the glow of the purple beautifulness. The other use I would love would be as fantabulous speakers either side of a spectacular fireplace. One day, anna, one day! Just take a look at their website, seriously who wouldn't want one of their fossils or minerals.

So what's your view on wedding lists?

monsoon madness

Hello my lovelies!

Just a quick note to say that the summer sale in Monsoon has just began. I picked up a couple (ish) of fabulous little things yesterday for half price or less! Whoop. I love to update my work wardrobe with pretty tops.

I can't wait to wear this cute little skirt when/if summer comes back!

Maybe with this top if it isn't a little too matchy matchy - You get that I don't like the matchy matchiness, right!t?!
Must stop spending money!
Photos Monsoon

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

what in carnation?

“My name is Anna, and I love carnations.”

Admittedly not all of them. I do not love pastel shades, most variegated sorts but if the boy brought home a huge bunch of deep pink (OK so it is mostly the dark pink carnations I love) babies I would not be disappointed. In most flower markets the price per stem is far less than most other flowers I love and most of all the have such a beautiful scent. More bang for your buck you might say!!!

Indeed I do not completely understand the out and out hatred of the flower. They may be currently making a little comeback but I recall being perplexed when everyone (apart from carrie) hated them way back in the days of SATC. Why is there such hatred? I can understand why there is disgust when faced with a petrol station bunch such as these.

Bleurgh. (Also love Gypsophila on its own.) Carnations should never (well almost never) be used as a filler flower, they can cheapen the look of even the most high end bouquet.

However, I love their frilly almost misshapen edges. Their tiny buds which bloom into such large flourishes which are quite resilient to the debauchery of a wedding! (I have no idea why I keep thinking my wedding will be debauched – perhaps it is just a dream the day will be fun and also I would quite like to set up couples – I know, I know it’s a terrible idea but I can’t help it.) Their perfume to me is the quintessential flower aroma. I also love that they are edible and used from cupcake decor to production of the liqueur, Chartreuse (although I can’t say it’s my favourite tipple).

Nonetheless, when they are used en masse in arrangement I find them chic with a slightly whimsical* feel and perhaps most pleasingly for a future bride, inexpensive. Maybe I have been lucky on my journey down Carnation Street (sorry a very bad attempt at British soap satire) and blinded by my inexperience.

So how do you feel about this floral pariah?

*another word I’ve fallen in love with since starting my blog. We simply do not use it enough in the UK!! Also apologies for lack of photo credit.


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