Saturday, 19 December 2009

why do birds suddenly appear?

In another tribute to the wondrous Melanie of one little dove and stuff i would bazooka I would like to offer the birds which insist on singing outside my window at 3 in the morning.  Oh and not just one song.  I'm pretty sure they must work in shifts because they sing all fricking day long!

I live in a sweet idyll with but 5 trees outside my beautiful bedroom window.  Around me there are scary tower blocks and so I guess the entire neighbourhood of birds live in those 5 trees.  They can't have babies at this time of year can they?  So I imagine they must be trying to attract the ladies, damn their courtship is intense. Maybe the winter has attracted a ravenous "stag" party from Scandinavia and they all are just living it up just outside my window. Please, pretty please could we have a little down time?

Oh and while I'm at it why, dear neighbour, do you feel the need to have your television on full blast at 4 in the morning.  We all know there is nothing good on at the best of times, seriously what are you watching?!!?

Not getting much sleep, eh, anna?!


  1. Love the idea of all the birds having a stag party. You are too funny. Hope they shut up!

  2. Oh,and thanks for adding me to your blog roll.. just noticed myself up there today and felt all special!

  3. can I just say Anna, that I got the song which inspired this post title stuck in my head for the whole morning after this?! oh, and now that heineken advert that featured it too...

  4. I've been feeling a little insomniacish lately as well.
    We have cats on heat somewhere in the vicinity which isnt helping. dam nature.

  5. i can't stop singing the song either! hope u get some rest soon, anna!

    happy holidays, love :) xo


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