Wednesday, 9 December 2009

wedding list wednesday - let's bury the hatchet

So a change of pace from yesterday.  I will revisit your wonderfully thoughtful comments tomorrow but I fear we all need something a little lighter today!

Now when Bean first showed me these beauties I was blown away.  (I promise I am not a closet psychopath. Bean may hopefully confirm this.)

They make me want to run away from the pretty city and buy a tiny little cottage in the woods where I could chop wood all day.  Obviously, not with these beauties.  I would have to buy a regular man axe to actually use and then place one of these beauties in my eyeline to swoon over.  I would then carry the timber to my wondrous open fire, place the oh so beautiful axe atop the mantelpiece and sit with my cocoa, blanket and typewriter.  Perfection?

I adore that it's name is Fortitude.  Just what I need right now.


  1. haha! ah well i am really more of a city girl-
    right now i am kind of in the envrionment you were describing above.
    at my parents house: countryside! and they have a fireplace.
    hmmmm maybe this would make a great christmas present.
    I don't thin they would appreciate the good design though.

    but: gogogo chop wood , have cocoa in a little cottage!
    just make sure you 'll have a internet connection up there ; )

  2. Oh a little cottage in the woods would be so lovely. Especially when it's cold outside. But I'd be letting Mr B chop all the wood!

  3. not sure i've ever heard a tool for chopping wood called a "beauty" before but i can def see where you're coming from!

  4. ooh, that's like a his & hers set! so great.

  5. oooh i can't believe it, i've never considered myself much of an axe person, but i do love these! they're wonderful. i agree with Miss T though...Mr B can chop the wood and then fire it up as i sit on the couch with a blankie & cocoa :)


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