Wednesday, 16 December 2009

wedding list wednesday - hello Polly!!

Oh I have had these beauties on my mind for a long time.  I love my crockery.  As a young gal I swooned over mugs.  Not the pretty pretty tea sets I may wax lyrically over now but witty charming mugs!  I have to admit I loved the sale after Valentine's day at Whittards.  Oh the wondrous hearts!

However, whilst I still love my heart laden mugs I have grown up. (Slightly).  Now I swoon of crisp white porcelain. Delicate but functional.  Polly George has answered my prayers with a delicious collection which I long to hold in my hands. I see it as perhaps the perfect wedding gift for traditionalists with just a hint of whimsy.  Just look at these beautiful pieces - from the line Mr & Mrs. Jones. Perfect for that first wondrous breakfast together as husband and wife. (And if that's a little cliqued just for you, maybe an everyday fabulous breakfast).

What do you fabulous ladies think? Oh to have a proper lazy morning breakfast.  Maybe pancakes with a drizzle of lime and a huge pot of tea?


  1. truly chic and very whimsical :) i really like the butter dish and mugs. very cute.

  2. oh i like them all
    a lot! and i would really fancy a breakfast together...
    we are still apart for about 4 more weeks : (

  3. Those mugs kind of freak me out. Like the little people will drown in your drink!


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