Thursday, 17 December 2009

oh, what can i say

Thank you for all your kind comments and emails.

It has been tough to even be honest to myself leave alone anyone else.  The realisation that depression is an illness was monumental.  It hurts to hear so many of your have suffered the same problems but inspirational to hear your stories of health.  I will always be at the end of an email if you ever want to talk.  I promise.

Just to make it clear, I do not want to be seen as an expert nor as a sufferer.  Just a girl who is trying to get better and hoping to help a few others along the way.  Thank you for your words of support and it is nice to see the message is getting out there.  Depression is a disease and no amount of "pull yourself together" or "just get on with things" can ever help without the appropriate treatment.  Imagine the outrage if someone said this to a cancer patient without the offer of traditional therapy.  It outrages me.

I have no problem with people saying they feel depressed.  Indeed when I am fine but feeling blue I automatically say, "Golly, I'm so depressed" it is just a word that has entered the popular consciousness.  It will just take a whole lot more to get the hoi polloi (and I mean the medical community also) to understand what it actually means to truly be someone with depression.  It is a hideous scourge which I will never be truly free from but I hope that with all the right help I can be the girl I know I can be.

Oh my, no more doom and gloom from me.

I must get back to the joy that is weddings.  I hope you do not mind my slight diversion over the past couple of weeks but I like to think it has added a little to my little space on the interweb.  If I happen to go off topic again in future I do hope you will indulge me?!

Anna xx


  1. Anna - I so admire your strength in telling us your story. While some of us really never really know what 'depression' is but I guarantee that all of us will experience a 'depressive' episode. I just hope when people go through their depressive episode and eventually get past it...they remember that some people live with it all the time. Thanks again for sharing your story.

  2. We'll always indulge a little swerving off course from the wedding talk. Besides, half the fun of 'getting to know' these fellow blogger brides and whoever is knowing who they are outside of just their wedding planning experiences. Your honesty opens up your readers to a new level of appreciation for who you are and what you think/write about. Thanks for the continued posts and looking forward to what else is new with you.

  3. I hope you get the help you need and have someone real to talk to.

    Get well!

  4. You my virtual friend will also always have a listening ear from me. Here is to the future when we can say "I am fan-f*cking-tabulous".


  5. bug hug! we're here whenever you feel like talking about it. xo

  6. Love that you are so open with all of us. Just makes us all love you more.

  7. Getting better is a journey. Diversion is good sometimes, go off topic whenever you need to, we'll still be here :)


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