Saturday, 5 December 2009

oh new york, we are disappointed

"Marriage equality is as important as the emancipation of any group from oppression and the granting of equal rights to any community" David Paterson - New York Governor
Oh the news that New York State had rejected the gay marriage rights bill breaks my heart.  If you are a golden oldie you may recall I spoke about Vermont here, and I was so excited that things were beginning to change.  It even spurred me to display the white ribbon proudly on my little blog.

Alas, New York has not seen fit to give all its inhabitants the same civil rights as each other.  Now as a foreigner I obviously do not understand the delicate nuances of American politics.  I also do realise that New York does not represent New York state but I had hoped that those voting, in what is supposed to be a   liberal (not capital L) state, would see the importance of their vote.  It really is time to change and it really does anger me to know that people are still denied the opportunity to declare their love.  To me it is just a pointless intrusion in people's lives.  It hurts no-one.

I only hope that the New Jersey votes sooner rather than later to ensure Governor Jon Corzine is still in office.  Come on, you wonderful Garden State, show New York how it's done.


  1. All this marriage inequality makes me nauseous. I really wish peole would let it go. If you are against it, then you are against it, but don't create a situation where homosexual couples cannot have the same rights as us. It breaks my heart everyday :(

  2. did you see the Daily Show on Thursday? he talks about it and it's hilarious. (the comedy sketch - not the situation)

  3. Folks often judge all New York as NYC. The enire state is pretty diverse from the Met area. I've lived in Both NYC and Upstate NY. Some places upstate are so conservative and isolated you'd think you landed in a time warp. We'll see what goes down in NJ.


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