Tuesday, 29 December 2009

goodbye my lover

Oh do not fret I do not mean Bean!

I mean Google Reader.  Seriously, everyday I come home to see another thousand posts.  One girl cannot climb this mountain.  

Yet I cannot give up totally, no.  I am merely drastically culling my illicit relationship.

So, au revoir boring blogs!

I do not need to hear from people telling what I need to do to get married.  (Although I will admit there are certain blogs -I'm pretty sure you can guess which ones - I shall continue to read because they make me so eye wateringly irate!) Sure they say they are different from the "mainstream" but by actually spouting their sacred gospel they actually make their thoughts mainstream and god forbid anyone actually really having a different view. (They pretend its ok, but as soon as there is dissent - yikes!)

I do need to hear swearing, actual original thoughts and bon homie.  I hope to never read another dull colour coordinated post.

I love to hear people enthuse about their loves, loathes and lives.  I want to hear from the wonderfulness like the newish Bowie Bride and a Cupcake Wedding.  They make me happy.  If you know of (or are!) any other newish fantabulous ladies, please expand my horizons and drop me a comment or email!

I think a new manifesto here at anna and the ring is in order!  I fear things have be somewhat serious (although I do think some things needed to be said) but I need to be more me.  I tend not to swear unless drunk and then my potty mouth takes over (mainly because I have trained myself not to in front of patients).  So expect to be hearing a few more naughty words around here!  Now the wedding is actually taking shape I think I need to focus and start trying to flesh out what I actually want from a wedding and marriage.

So keep your eyes freakin' peeled!

P.S. Anyone found bean's blog yet?!


  1. You'll never guess what my boy made me do a couple of weeks ago.

    He sat me down and went through each and every one of my google reader subscriptions, and tried to make me DELETE THEM ALL. I had to fight MERCILESSLY to retain each one, which I held onto with gripping fingers.

    But do you know what, boy did it do the trick! I'm still subscribed to *cough135cough* but that's down from over 250 which was just ridiculous. So I applaud you and your endeavour! Go Anna! :)

  2. I know exactly what you mean. I whittle mine down a bit each time - sometimes I don't even remember why I even added them to my reader to begin with!

  3. *panics* don't delete me!!!
    I have been very good about keeping my Google reader pared down. I think.
    And I have a terrible potty mouth until I made up new swear words because I was tired of people looking at this little asian girl sprouting out enough cuss words to turn the air blue. Yay for swear words.

  4. I need to do this. I have a love/hate relationship with wedding blogs. I am getting very tired of seeing the same weddings over and over, recycled from one blog to another.

  5. Thank you so much. HOW AMAZINGLY SWEET!

    I, too, hate recycled posts (though I am guilty of that sometimes)

    I recently unsubscribed from Style me Pretty because it was just TOO PRETTY, you know what I mean? I can't relate.

    And I've started unsubscribing from some blogs that don't make me feel happy, for whatever reason.

    When I first got engaged in August, I wanted to read everything wedding related to "educate myself". Now, I am sort of over it and only want to read stuff that makes me feel good.

  6. If I find myself skipping any posts that appear in my reader by a particular blog, then I delete it from my list. the amounts of new blogs Im finding to read is slowing down now though too. hope you had a lovely christmas, and that you're not deleting me... :)

  7. I just weeded through my Google Reader too. 3 days away is too much to get through!

    I've tried to keep my wedding blogs to only real blogs about real people (instead of collectives). I love reading other people's stories, not so much looking at styled shoots.

    And, of course, I hope I made the cut!

  8. I need to do this too! I've paired down a lot of them, but am now am even more inspired to reduce, reduce. I have trouble telling a lot of them apart...and have been avoiding my reader like the plague. Good luck and I hope I made the cut!
    PS - if you haven't seen this blog already, its one of my favorites (not wedding related)...http://www.libertylondongirl.com/

  9. A good Google Reader spring clean is the most refreshing thing. Just don't accidentally delete blogs that are nigh on impossible to find by search while simultaneously clearing your browsing history. (I speak from most unfortunate experience.)

    Besides, it gives you the free time to find new lovely places :)

  10. Anna, Anna, don't leave us! =)

    No, in all seriousness, I have to do the same thing and go through my blog list every couple months to delete what just isn't working for anymore. Though I do hope my little life and wedding musings will make the cut.

  11. I recently purged a bunch of icky pretty bridal blogs and feel a lot better. I also put the remaining ones into categories on my bookmarks bar. I've found I'm frequently the ones labeled "Grounded" the most.

  12. I just posted about Google Reader yesterday! It is truly overwhelming and I too should pair down on the blogs I follow. With the holidays it has been difficult to catch up on my daily reads but now that we are heading into the new year, I plan to be around here a lot more often :) Glad you feel the need to spice things up a bit - not that you weren't already great :) Happy New Year, lady!


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