Wednesday, 25 November 2009

wedding list wednesday - snug as a bug in a rug

Oh I could extol the virtues of Pedlars for hours.  They seem to source the most fabulous of items.  Now their  items may be on the pricey side but their website and their London shop are such a source of inspiration for me.

So when I saw this I swooned! I know the phrase is somewhat ubiquitous currently but it really looks far too cute! Imagine snuggling on the sofa with your loved ones with this baby!

Oh and I'll take the rug too, if you don't mind!

Oh Pedlars if only you weren't quite so expensive.  I would literally buy their entire range!


  1. I keep meaning to get a poster with that phrase on it. It is very comforting! If I got the blanket *with* the saying I would be doubly so!

  2. I love that saying, I saw an etsy seller that has the saying framed but I love it on that blanket even more!

  3. I love this saying! It is, as miss foxy wedding says, comforting, and it's just a damn good bit of advice too.


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