Wednesday, 18 November 2009

wedding list wednesday - press yourself against me

I know, I know this has been doing the rounds lately but how rad would it be to have your own mini letterpress for just $149.99? (hmm I'm not sure a girl like me can get away with saying rad?)

Obviously it would never replace the deliciousness of a true press but would a sweet swift jaunt into its imprinted clutches be such a bad thing?

Do you think this is a fantabulously archaic application of Moore's Law or is it a desecration of hallowed ground?

P.S. Thanks for the offers of straws yesterday.  Expect an email later from a very grateful tea drinking Limey gal!!


  1. I say pure evil, but I'm a printmaking purist. :p

  2. I wandered into Paper Source on Saturday with a friend and watched a demo of it in action. It took everything I could to peel my friend away from it.

  3. I wrote about this the other day too. I think I may want one down the road, just to play around with it for fun, but I wouldn't use it professionally. I don't think anything will beat an old antique letterpress. :)

  4. I love that little machine and would love to have one myself!


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