Wednesday, 4 November 2009

wedding list wednesday - oh the fever

Now whilst I am sure the Bean envisages a certain future.  There is a reason it is called "the future."

However, I must admit since our petites vacances I am suffering from the fever, the baby fever.  Swoon!

Oh bless you House my little faux nephew, you are truly heart-breakingly beautiful.  Your smile - le sigh.

What a wonderful wedding present - although I fear one may be hard pressed to add this little one to a registry.  No matter how many times I want to steal him away.


  1. very cute! one by one my friends are catching the fever haha

  2. ahah such cute feet!! hope your wedding planning is going well anna!

  3. hmmmmmm i am not that baby kind of person...
    there are kids that i really like but in general: meh
    liv is pretty baby fever immune ; )

  4. Is there anything cuter than baby feet? You'll come around Liv!

  5. Ah yes, thats what happens when everyone around you has cute babies!

    Im totally feeling the fever too after my nephew arrived and best friend had one too!

    But not at all yet tho, still have to get into a dress in five months!


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