Wednesday, 11 November 2009

wedding list wednesday - hot stuff baby!

Oh how I wish I was marrying into royalty for this would truly be on my wedding list!

Just look at the sexiest kettle you may ever lay your eyes on?

Oh even the cylons would be happy!

However at £185 that is one pricey cup o' char!  

Oh Bugatti please stop making such outlandishly priced homewares!  I shall never afford a Veyron but a kettle should be within my grasp!!    


  1. Wow, my husband would love that. Seriously, that kettle better read me the morning paper for that price!

    Oh would love to meet for tea some time! :)

  2. you know... you could always put it on your registry. someone might buy it! if not, you're no worse off!

  3. it's like a work of art for the kitchen! I love it! I left you something on my blog today :-)

  4. Usually I'm in absolute agreement with you but I'm sorry to say not this time dear. It looks like that Dalek robot from Dr. Who. LOL! ;)

  5. Oooh, that's interesting! Very cool. I love that you threw in a BSG reference in there. Awesome.

  6. Yep, super pricey but very cool!

    I gave you an award -

  7. this can definitely come in handy with my new tea obsession and all.

  8. I love it. If it comes as a coffeemaker I'm totally sold!


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