Monday, 23 November 2009

sometimes I am grateful that my breasts are not small and humble

Although I'm pretty sure my breasts do not resemble mountains they are certainly not small and humble. (Oh the mongoose is so wise!)

Anyway, enough talk about my breasts.  Yet, on this day, I am entirely grateful I am above a C cup for I really might have spent £195 on this bra!  Eeek, I am in love!


  1. that bra is hilarious, and i definitely think it would be able to handle some bigger boobs. just sayin.

  2. me-OW. don't think i could squeeze my melons into that thing either, but yum, it's divine.

  3. i don't think my man would know what to do with it and would probably have a panic attack. just sayin. wouldn't stop me from buying it though. ;)

  4. haha these bras are hilarious! Those are little fleshy windows right?
    I can see the problem for more generous bosoms, you might spill out the front..

  5. Oh wow, I think I'm in love. Obviously is would look ridiculous on my ginormous milk-melons (if they even made it that big) but it would be the perfect way to celebrate once I quite breastfeeding!

    (Not looking at the price tag, just continuing the fantasy here...)

  6. hahaha i think i would give it a shot even though i'd fail miserably. reminds me of a time that I tried on one of those coconut shell bras in Hawaii! lol


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