Monday, 9 November 2009

oh these halcyon days

For as long as I can remember my parents (well mother) have yearned to leave good ol' Blighty for pastures French. I have never understood this mainly because I love the UK so very much and also because why not somewhere more lovely such as the Tuscan countryside to be close to one of her very dear school friends.

That was until now. Oh France I miss you so. Your sunshine was warm and inviting and allowed for the first official pictures of Bean!  Eeek - anonymity we laugh in your face!

Yet by the power of your maginificent hypermarches with wondrously cheap but juicy crevettes to your satisfyingly french markets with strange meats as far as the eye can see, we were bedazzled.  Also I fell for  your quite ingenious contractions!  I'm sure the rest of you have access to such perfection but alas I have never met sugar in such a perfect form!

Then there is the wine.  I have been spoilt.  The quality of their cheap wine is astounding.  Seriously we never see the likes of their young wines in the UK, well certainly not at £3 a bottle! As you may hypothesise we drank the evenings quietly away.  Outside in the balmy air with bats a-circling and owls a-hooting.  

So in case you are yet to comprehend.....I like France...I would like to go there (a la Liz Lemon) again, soon!  

and the final cherry, and what a magnificent cherry. Why did Bean not avail me of this fact before. There be the following factory within walking distance. Albeit we never managed to visit when they were not at lunch (or whatever they do between 10-4!) but a cherry nonetheless!   

A cherry complete with a very sweet cat!

And so ends my tale.
à demain!


  1. Oh Anna, love it! I did appreciate visiting the beautiful baguettes and cheap wine in France last year. I definitely don't miss the long and random breaks/holidays taken at random times (like the Hermes staff perhaps?)

  2. Hooray for France! Am going to Paris for my honeymoon. Any recommendations for restaurants/things to do?

  3. You have been missed! One of my friends just returned from Paris with a box of La Duree macaroons. *sigh* I have not been since 2004. I miss it so!


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