Tuesday, 17 November 2009

oh ladies I need your help

Okay.  I'm pretty sure this is not the done thing to ask my lovely interlopers but I need you wondrous yanks (and maybe fantabulous maple leaves) to perchance do me the greatest favour in the world.

I have been lusting over these grey babies for so long and Celia's delicious photos have done nothing to abate my love.  

Could anyone find it in their hearts to purchase a box (or two or ten!) and send them far away or maybe even make a little trip across the pond for the rapture of champagne and macarons in my little home!?!

I just need them in my and my wedding's life (and yes it is now a living being as it seems only fair).  Obviously I would reimburse you for the straws and postage, maybe not airfares to London!  I just am I love.  


  1. anna! they're uh.mazing and i will get them for you. we had 110 guests and had almost 1 box left over. it didn't dawn on me that men don't like to use straws... at least american men. email me all your info.

  2. Anna, I can get them for you too if you wait a few months (will my my NYC trip in perhaps Feb?) Free shipping of course because I'll bring them back to London with me!

  3. you know we have your back, girl.

  4. If you want to check out the cheapest postage for yourself I am in LA and totally willing to ship them for you as well! Can't see any reason why it would be cheaper from here, but those things are really strange sometimes!

  5. My niece is teaching in London and I'm about to send her a care package anyway (yep, much older bro = niece who's 22). I can prob. have her bring them to your door. LOL

    I don't know how to pop an email or personal message on this site though. Feel free to contact me. ;)


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