Tuesday, 10 November 2009

oh it's on...redux

So I am yet to find my one true Bean on the interweb!

I promise I have been looking yet to no avail, to no avail!  He will not even succumb to my feminine wiles. Oh he is cruel. It's as if he's started an evil viral advertising campaign and I'm not cool enough to find it! The monster! Oh how I love him so!

However, I realise I am yet to tap into my most potent vein of searchers...you!  My loyal readers!

So I have devised a cunning plan.  I shall offer the first treasure from my humble blog!

A prize to the first who correctly finds Bean's blog!  All I ask is for you send me the link to the site (either in the comments section or as an email) so I can discover my beloved's home!

And to the victor?

Well how about these beautiful earrings?

Made by Sudlow of Etsy  (with pink spinel beads) and I will be happy to send these babies worldwide!  What more could you want?!  Fly my pretties, fly!

P.S. No ducks were harmed in the making of these photos!


  1. O found mine because I didn't delete my internet history - but I'm figuring Bean might be a bit smarter than that. And half the fun is in the chase. You might need to give us more to work with though.

  2. HA! Love the incentive! I was going to suggest checking his computer history or temp files too. Hmmmm... maybe do a search for keywords about YOU? You might stumble across his blog.

  3. Miss Anna! Thank you for finding me on the lovely blogosphere! now who is Bean? Is he the wonderful man that you are "getting hitched" too? :)

  4. Well Anna's decided that checking my internet history would be "cheating", so she's looking for it the hard way.

    Just a little hint for you all, on my blog I go by my real name, and Anna does not. There may be more clues to follow as soon as I come up wit something suitably cryptic.

  5. Seriously unhelpful Bean. We need more...NOW!

  6. Do you have a nickname for Anna?

  7. Yo! Bean, loving the blog - seem to have misplaced the link could you email me it - Ta.x

    What you don't think he'll fall for that?

    Ok (*rolls up sleeves*) time for the big guns.....
    Bean, Beeeaan, Beeaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnn, Beeaaannnnnnyyyyyyyyy Boy, puhleese, puhhhhhhhlllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaassssssssseeee, pwwweeetttyyy please with cherries on top, pwwwwweeeeeeeeeettttttttttttttyyyyyyyyyy please give Anna more clues!


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