Tuesday, 17 November 2009

magical maids...hmm maybe that sounds a little lame

The closer we get to securing the date and the venue the more excited I get about thinking about who I will ask to be my ceremonial comrades (or maybe confidantes or cronies?!)  Yes, ceremonial cronies is perfect for me!  For there will be naughtiness, mischief and plotting with wine, oh lovely wine.  

I still am unsure as to how many cronies I will "require."  (Gosh how regal does that sound!)  I know I will uncomfortable being on my own (well just with my family) but at the same time I don't want to force anyone to be involved. Although, people want to be bridesmaids, right?    Then I think I will enjoy those last few moments alone before I see my boy for the very last time he becomes my man.  

Yet at the same time I would love for all of the girls I invite to be involved in some way (as I know bean will do the same for his boys).  Oh my mind may explode.  Yet there is one thing I do enjoy pondering.  The deliciousness of browsing dresses.

Oh for them to be dressed like this as we cavort merrily through the next months of my grumpiness, attempts at DIY and general confusion.

How do you see your gals or boys? Do you even want "maids"? How did you ask them? Did you just have the cool, "so you know I'm getting married right?" "yeah" "well you know I want you to be my girl, yo." conversation or did you go down the exquisitely cute letter route. I sort of want to do both. I know, I'm just so greedy.

P.S. As soon as we lock down the details you will be the first to know, I promise!

P.P.S. I understand that I seem to only find expensive dresses.  I will try harder to find chic albeit slightly more affordable gowns!

P.P.P.S. Please can someone help me with losing the evil double spacing in my posts? It is really beginning to rabbit me off.


  1. ::swoon:: I love purple. Love, love, love, love, LOVE it.

  2. there was a wedding a while ago I saw somewhere where she justa sked all her ladies to dress in a colour range. she couldnt decide who to have so she sent paint charts in coordinating colours to all of them and asked them to dress in those colours. or something like that... I dont remember where I saw it though, it was when I was first looking at weddings, which was when the sun stayed up past 3.30. ugh.

  3. I had the cool or awkward "so um, yeah, you want to be my bridesmaid?"

    They are all in navy long dresses of their own choosing. I hate uniformity. Dull.

  4. Most of my girls live far away so I purchased little diamond ring keyrings and 'proposed' the idea to them. It was fun and they were all excited. And it's kinda fun to see the keyrings on their keys now.

    Those dresses are killer.

  5. Swoon over those dresses! I'd love to be one of your girls if I got to wear one of those. I'd even let you call me a maid.

  6. I was so excited I asked all of them without hardly any preamble! No hello, hi, how are you. just willyoubemybridesmaid?loveyoumeanitbye.
    Those dresses are gorgeous!

  7. those dresses are amazing! they go so well together :)

  8. All of my girls pretty much knew but I did call each one and asked. Um I'll totally be your bridesmaid if I get to wear those dresses! Getting the girls (esp. if you have a few) could be pricey but maybe the girls could just wear cool things already in their wardrobe?


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