Sunday, 1 November 2009

it's november!??!!?

Hello Interweb!!!

Seriously, how can it be November already?  Where did October go?  It seems but a minute ago we were in France.

I have meant to write everyday since my last post but life has rudely got in the way!

So over the next week you can expect to be titillated by the likes of...

...our wondrous week en France with the cutest nephews
...our wondrous weekend en Northumberland with some very exciting news!
...something a little more serious to explain my absence
...some exciting new features
...maybe a little redesign of the blog.  I think I'm up for a sans serif life!

So do bear with me and Bean whilst we recount our lives of late and our future plans.  I am super exciited to be back and blogging.  I have missed so much.  My google reader is endless but I will be commenting on a blog near you soon!!

I have missed you all so!
anna (and Bean) xxxxxx

Oh Sun how I miss you

P.S. We have found a venue!  Eeek!


  1. Yay! Hello! Glad you're back :) Look forward to hearing all about it!

  2. ahh! where is your venue? you must post about it soon. sounds like you had some good time off.xx

  3. Anna, looking forward to tales of French desserts and reception ideas! xoxo

  4. Umm no...but there is still a whiff of baby fever in the air thanks to the little nephew, House!

    Are you??!

  5. Yay, you're back!!! Can't wait to hear about your French adventures!!!

  6. lovely to see you back m'dear, cant wait to hear your news... x

  7. Congratulations on having found a venue. Looking forward to hearing more about it! M x

  8. Hey Anna,

    Welcome back, looking forward to hearing all the exciting news. I hope the seriousness that kept you away has worked out ok.


  9. Yay!! Welcome back!! Can't wait to hear about your adventures!!

  10. welcome back. looking forward to hearing your tales.

  11. yay!! can't wait to hear all about the venue et al.

  12. Looking forward to hearing about the venue. Bet it's gonna be a good one...


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