Thursday, 5 November 2009

hmmmm....oh it's on!

So the boy appears to have hidden depths!

He has been awfully furtive of late and I have just found out the reason. 

His is now in possession of his very own blog.  Eeek!  No wonder is was not wanting to share his thoughts on these fair pages for he has been hoarding his genius.  

Yet he will not share its name with me.  I must find it on my own!!

Well then, bring it, baby!
We are no long Beanna.  Oh it is on!

So who's team will you belong to? Team Anna or Team Bean?  I have to admit Team Bean sounds so much better and will be far more beautifully written.

P.S. I love you really and am so excited about your blog.  Just wish I could find it already! Huggles from the anna!

P.P.S. To the others who may read the P.S. we do talk really it's just nice to have huggles in writing as well as in person!

P.P.P.S. Please don't choose a team.  We are one big family!


  1. haha ! alright. curious about beans blog...

  2. oh hail no! secret man blog???

  3. Ha ha, thats funny, have you found bean's yet?

    I wont choose a team tho, love reading your blog too much!

  4. How about a link to his blog so we can enjoy both?

  5. Oh I wish he would tell me Aubrey! He's being very secretive and wants me to find it on my own!

    A strange one I am marrying and no doubt!!

  6. It's on like Donkey Kong!

    Maybe someday in the not too distant future I'll post a link, but while the blog is up and running it still needs a lot prettying up.

  7. hahaha! that's AWESOME! my fiance figured out mine but i told him not to read - i don't think he has.... :)

  8. love it when couples blog, hope you find his blog soon!

  9. lol! awesome. a little friendly competition never hurt a relationship ;)

  10. Lolz... this is hillarious!! You gotta find it!!

  11. let us know if you ever uncover it! :)

  12. LOVE the movie reference. You 2 are too funny. Bean... we outnumber you. We'll find you. ;)

  13. Trust me I'm trying! Every permutation of his name, every comedy nickname he has ever used and I have even spied over his shoulder whilst he is idly toying with his computer. To no avail, to no avail.

    He will not even succumb to my feminine wiles. Oh he is cruel. It's like he's started an evil viral advertising campaign! The monster! Oh I do love him so.


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