Friday, 20 November 2009

fantabulous etsy friday - Nunn the Wiser!

So I have decided that I will no longer second guess what you lovelies want!  

It takes me ages to find the perfect items to display on my little blog that I think everyone will like.  Oh the wistful hours I have spent flitting across the interweb.  I do enjoy this so yet it does stop me from writing about the wonderfulness I find.  

So, as the gifting season is quickly approaching (in the next 3 months I have our anniversary, Christmas, my birthday and Valentine's day) I may have to be a little selfish!  Tis the season of goodwill to all men (and does this not include me?!) and so I might just chose things I absolutely love for the next few weeks!!

So Bean, are you listening?! (Also where are our clues?)

Anyhoo,  I have followed the work of Hannah Nunn for sometime now (and she does count for she also has an etsy shop!) and always swoon!  Yay for British design.  It warms the cockles!

Seriously how cute would these fairy lights look as the lights go down on a window sill or as part of the guest book table or maybe with the cake?!  Or even along the aisle. Oh the possibilities are endless.  Hannah will customise 20 of the pretty little fairy lights for but £80!!!  I am in love.  It's these little details that I adore they just make life that bit more enjoyable!  Ahem, hint, hint Bean!

So what do you think?  She even has her own blog.  Do check it out, it shan't disappoint.


  1. omg...i have to have that at my wedding! in love!

  2. Love love love them!! *siiiighhh* etsy

  3. ooooh i love them! great find! have a great weekend :)

  4. Hello hello. Nuun the Wiser herself here! hahaha. Thanks so much for sharing my lights on your blog. Really happy that you like them! xxx

  5. Love fairy lights. These are super cute. Are you getting them?

  6. Fairy lights make everything magical - these are gorgeous! Good find :)

  7. they are truly beautiful
    candle light is the best anyway...
    uhm right after sunlight of course.
    oh how i miss summer...


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