Tuesday, 17 November 2009

bean there, not done that...

Oh the frustration of a Bean who will not do what an anna says!

He sits next to me and sighs.  "Oh anna, stop being so anna.  I will reveal my wondrous self when I am good and ready." 

Hmmm, personally I do not think this is good enough.  Why, oh why did I fall in love with a perfectionist!!

Oh Bean where for art thou?

We know you are out there, but far in the distance hiding from us all.

Come out, come out wherever you are!!


  1. You mean my best begging didn't make him cave immediately and reveal all. I'm confused by this boy - very frustrating.

    Come on, Bean more clues please! (oh and with a few exceptions none of us are perfect that is what makes this blogging lark so much fun) x

  2. I think you deserve at least one small clue


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