Saturday, 10 October 2009

love is all around

I promise I will be back with regular posting next weekend (soooo much to say!) yet I just had to stop and say merry merry weddingness to both Celia and Turtlebird.  Perhaps two of my very favourite blogettes.

'Tis the wonderous day on which they will marry their true loves.  Oh how the the world of blogger makes me feel connected to people I have never met.

So here's to your my lovelies.  I have raised a glass to you both.  I hope you have a fantabulous weekend and your new(?) lives are full of love and frivolity.

A wonderful day in the world in love!


  1. yes, congrats ladies! anna get your blog on girl!

  2. hey! you are almost back!
    dont wait tooooo long! ; )

  3. Hello dear, can't wait to hear more from you!

    Btw, I left you an award of your choosing on my blog.

  4. thank you so much anna!! that just made my day :) so sorry to have been mia lately, the wonderful world of wedding blogs (and indeed, blogs in general) has just felt too overwhelming this last week!! there is so much to tell, i don't know where to start. but i promise to start sharing stories and pictures when we get back from our honeymoon!! thank you again for the sweet well wishes - you are a doll!!
    can't wait to hear all about your holiday!!

  5. I love that your song is gold digger - That song rocks!

  6. it's award time! and i've given u an award on my blog today :)


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