Thursday, 3 September 2009

oh the wonder

I am but a very small blip in the world that is blogs yet in the small time I have been around I like to think I have cultivated a tiny gaggle of wonderful followers and commenters.  I am beyond happy that you take the time to say hello.  Hugs all round!

Even more excitingly last week I had the chance to meet one of you in person.  With a little trepidation (what will she think of me, will I be cool enough, what should I wear!?!) I met the lovely Liv of Blushless!  She is simply wonderful and it is so nice to meet people on the same wavelength.  Obviously I was not cool enough for she is the fabulous designer of a new collection of the most amazing wedding dresses.

It was how I imagine obscenely rich ladies would feel when they met the designer of their new couture clothing.  It just makes the clothes evoke their emotions far more clearly to hear about her inspiration and the beautiful materials she sources.  Gosh I sound quite like the fashionista!  

Fabulously she is taking part in London Fashion Week which is running from the 18th-22nd this month.  She is showing her collection at the London Metropolitan Hotel on 22nd September.  An amazing opportunity for brides to meet Liv and try on her fabulous dresses.  If I am able to attend, I will definitely be there!  Far too exciting to miss.

So obviously you need to see the collection. So pop over to Blushless, now!  However, if you have mouse finger fatigue here are my favourites!

The wonderfully flirty LivLav                              The exquisite Lula                                           And the lovely Leni                            

I just love the sculptural details of each of the dresses.   

Here is the invite to the showroom.  I hope I get to meet a few of you there?!

P.S. Is everyone else loving yet a wee bit frustrated the new blogger editing functions?!  


  1. i'd totally go but i'll be out of the country. bleh. that sounds like so much girly fashion fun. btw i use Semagic to blog (when i do...)! i find it so much easier.

  2. oh what beautiful designs!

  3. oh my..please tell me you are lucky enough to wear one of her designs on your day? gorgeous.

  4. *sigh* if i was on your side of the pond, i would be there. alas, i am not.

  5. ha! before i even finished reading your post, i clicked on the link and KNEW you would love the heart dress. am i good, or am i good?!

  6. oh my god these are amazing - cool, quirky, different - i want to get married and wear one myself xx

  7. so so lovely! they look like couture

  8. Oh the Lani is so rocker chic - love it!

  9. It's fun when you meet up with a blogging friend. I'm going to a couple of other LFW events but not that one (yet! although my need for a wedding dress is somewhat non existent now, even for me who can find a reason to buy anything!)

  10. My proposal was over Wendy's chicken nuggets and Law and Order reruns. :)
    My parents never did a proposal. If you asked them, mom would get a quizzical look on her face, "we knew we wanted to marry each other. Why would he have to ask?"
    Um well. Good point.
    I didn't tell anyone I was engaged for a week.
    I love that I waited. It was our little private moment of bliss.


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