Wednesday, 2 September 2009

will you civil union me?

Occasionally we are very lucky in the UK. We used U's in our words, our history, whilst not always illustrious, is far reaching and wondrous and personally I would say we were a tolerant nation (well for the most part).

Since 2005, gay marriage has been legal. Whoop. Although this was also far too long overdue and does little to placate the, oft despicable, treatment of gay woman and men, in particular, in the recent past.  

Personally, I never could understand, even as a child, why there was any difference between sexual orientation? Maybe because my mother had a very close friend whom I was sure I knew was gay before I even knew what homosexuality was? He is a fabulous guy. My favourite uncle despite his propensity to give gifts of book tokens!

This change in law includes the normal legal and other financial allowances. Although they do still insist on the term civil partnership. Why on earth is there a need to continue to discriminate when you do finally offer the same rights to everyone? If my gay friends fall in love, I don't really expect them to ask their significant other to civil union them or for me to attend their civil partnership?

Meg from A Practical Wedding, wrote about the recent change in Vermont law which came into effect yesterday. Which made me want to find out how difficult it is to marry if you are gay in the USA. Most of this won't be news to you but I was astonished.

Seriously in 2009 only 4 states will perform a same sex marriage, Maine and New Hampshire will do so in the future, I hope, and a total of 9 (I think) will perform civil unions. I find this incredulous. For me marriage has nothing to do with religion, little to do with the law and is simply about publicly declaring you love of another. What was even the point of proposition 8? Why was their any need to regress to such an archaic time?

To be honest I don't even see the need to debate this.* It should be an undeniable right to marry the one you love no matter your sex. Why in this day and age should it even be an issue? Maybe I am naive? Although how is this any different from saying a a black guy cannot marry a white woman? Or an Englishman cannot marry a Tuvaluan lady? And vice versa ad infinitum.

Love is love is love. And to quote the Beatles, "Love is all we need."
Well and maybe some more progressive thinking.

I hope those of you in Vermont are enjoying your new rights to marriage.
The trees of discrimination are beginning to fall!

*I allow you to disagree with me if you must, as that is your right, but I will think you are wrong!


  1. LOL! Some of us live in state where we figure our grandchildren will be lucky to gay civil unions legalized. Ugh! I wish people were more forward, but they just aren't.

  2. Very well put!!! Thanks so much for writing about this :)

  3. Love the title of this post... and agreed it shouldn't even be an issue!


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