Wednesday, 16 September 2009

wedding list wednesday

Well, again I’m guest blogging (though Anna doesn’t like me calling it that as apparently it’s “our blog”). Anyway, as it’s Wednesday it’s that time for us to come up with a lovely item to demand from our friends and family. For my first choice I’ll be aiming (slightly unrealistically) high with the Villain Chair.

A gorgeous, manly lounge chair where I can plot and stroke my cat. It might be a little extravagant at £4,500 but I prefer to look at it as an investment.


  1. hahahahaha AWESOME. I say go for it.

  2. a definate investment, that chair is cool!

  3. Mmm... my man perfers the Mies Barcelona chair. And really loves the Eames lounger. He suggests those for your list as well ;)

  4. first time here in your blog. hmmm, it never actually occurred to me that chairs are good investment. but i liked it though. wicked indeed.


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