Monday, 7 September 2009

a question of comedy?

Just a short few words today.  Must do work!  Love that you enjoyed my new etsy friday!


Should I be worried that Bean came up to me last night, kissed me on my head and said.
"mmm your hair smells like Herbal Essences (insert any cheap shampoo brand!)"
Now we were staying overnight at my parent's house (mainly because they are away and we get to see the kittens) and I had forgotten, shampoo, conditioner and a hairbrush.   

So he just knew.  Bless his metrosexualness!  O I love him so.

Also my brother was at home partying hard with his "harem" and one the kittens had missed 2 meals.  Something the big'un never does.  He loves his food.  I guess he was scared by the druken revellers.  Luckily he's back albeit super timid.  I guess they just miss their Mummy and Daddy.

Oh how I love you you giant ball of fur!


  1. Aw kitty! My cat HATES when the boy brings his buddies over, so I can imagine your feline friend not liking drunken revelers in its space!

  2. What a handsome kitten. We are catsitting a little black cat right now--love them.


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