Saturday, 19 September 2009

oh how I miss you

Oh ladies (and hopefully a few gentlemen) I missed you.  I sort of hope you missed me?!  I just could not stay away. So I am slacking off this morning and it feels good!

I would like to congratulate Bean on his week of posts but I simply cannot.  2 posts in a week?  I am surely disappointed.  Only kidding my lovely Bean, you work far harder than I do.  All I can say is I will always want more.  Bean posts are the best!  I hope you all agree!

In all honestly I was (actually I still am) extremely busy with money making activities.  Anything for the wedding?! Yet do not fret, for as I try to inspire young medical students to work harder, I really am thinking about marvellous new things to write.  Oh the excitement I have in store for you lovely things in the next few weeks! Hopefully a super new feature, maybe something a little more serious and of course the general frothiness which I love to exude on these hallowed pages.  (If you have an idea of things you would like to see on the blog please do email me.)

Also just to clarify, the Bean and I will be holidaying from next Saturday (although naughty thieves should know our sweet little flat will be occupied by my delightful wee brother) so I will be around until next Friday.

Obviously I will  try seek out wi-fi to try and share my enthusiastic, yet ultimately a but rubbish, holiday photography!  (Seriously those awesome photographers amongst you, please bestow your kindest tips upon me!  I won't share them!)  Although I have a feeling this tiny little French village in which we will be staying will be sorely lacking in wi-fi opportunities.  However maybe that's the most thrilling part of a holiday, to be incommunicado, well apart from the food, wine and general frenchness!  Eek*, I am so excited.  As Bean said we haven't been on proper holiday in ages.  

So, I hope you enjoyed the Bean and hope you enjoy the next few posts before we go away. Huggles to all!

I am so happy to be in "almost holiday" mode!

*My new favourite "word"


  1. Yah you are back! Although I do enjoy bean posts too!

    Your holiday sounds great though, 4 weeks and counting till we go away and im definitely in need of a week off work!

  2. Have a LOVELY time! If you're in a dancing mood today, I'm around you know where!

  3. Missed you too!!! Glad you're back - although I have to give big ups to bean for holding down the fort so well... we should all be so lucky - my FH doesn't even READ my blog! *tear*

  4. huggles! we should totally get together when i'm back. we'll talk about our fab weddings and stuff until we make everyone around us sick!

  5. Have a great time!!! Looking forward to all your new blog goodies.

  6. have a great trip!
    thanks for visiting my blog, i hope you come back:)

  7. Missed you too! I've been away from blogging as well but I'm back :-) I hope you & Bean enjoy your holiday!


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