Tuesday, 1 September 2009

it's quite funny

Hello you wonderful people. So glad you enjoyed the kittens. Too cute!

So September is here. I know, how rude, it's crept up so quietly and now summer is almost over.

Anyhoo, I am sad to say we didn't manage to visit any of the proposed wedding locations. The new baby, House and the cutest toddler, Einstein* kept me and Bean far too entertained.

Mainly with Einstein's new catchphrase of, "it's quite funny" (how does a 2 year old understand the concept of scale?!!) and the cuteness of playing Boingy Boingy (throwing him up and down), we didn't really feel like doing much else. Also one of the Bean's brothers, Bear** sourced some amazingly delicious wild boar and also venison sausages from St Marcus and his subsequent mad BBQ skills left me beyond full.

I digress! So as I sit here on the first of September watching one of my favourite films of all time, The Bodyguard, I have little more to tell you. (It's like a musical but sooo much better - I want a katana and a silk scarf right now!)

Although I have had a few new issues raised. A future cousin, who is awesome, has intimated she would love to be bridesmaid. The future mother intimated that maybe we should look again in Scotland if I fear I might not be satisfied with a ceremony conducted by a random council employee. The boys were taunting me with ideas for Bean's stag party. (How they enjoy treating me like their little sister.) Even the ever present shocking revelation that I may wear a white dress reared its ugly head. I really don't think that I am crazy to want to wear a white dress. (I have been in a relationship with the same boy for almost 9 years I am hardly promiscuous and likely to melt the pretty white fabric from evil. Not that I have anything against non-white dresses but I feel it is the one day I can wear "the white dress.")

So now I have found another layer of thoughts I had yet to think about. There is no real pressure from anyone but I am quite able to stress about anything. Then in the next thought I think I am crazy for stressing and tell myself to get over it.

However the best moment of the weekend occurred when we were shuffling through hundreds of ancient photographs of Bean's family looking for a pretty wedding pictures. There are so many fabulous moments captured on film. It made me realise that photographs are really not for the subject of the image but for the generations to come. In amongst the papers we found the insurance certificate for the engagement ring which was dated the probable weekend of our wedding! Fate? I think so. It made me ridiculously happy to think that the week my future father proposed was the week forty odd years later I would marry his son.

Just one photograph we scanned from a wedding (no-one is quite sure which one) in the past. Beyond sweet.

*A pseudonym you might say - it started as Evil Midget Chimp (because he looked a little like that as a baby) which was shortened to EMC, evolved to E=mc2 and then obviously Einstein.

**A superbly apt name for he is a big cuddly bear.


  1. The baby sounds adorable!!

    And why not wear white.. honestly. It's a day about the love you share.. not what you wear.. okay it's partly about what you wear! LOL.

  2. You have so many updates for us! I love the photo you scanned and how sweet that you're getting married the same week that your father-in-law proposed. I think you should absolutely wear a white dress if you want to--and a Scottish wedding, how dreamy...

  3. yay!! i missed you!!

    just let the potential issues roll off you love - i hate to say it but it's probably just the beginning - everyone has an opinion when it comes to weddings. just remember, the only opinions that matter in the end are yours and beans.


  4. Yay, get married in Scotland! But I would say that! and wear a white dress if you want too {I have ended up with Ivory!}

    Anyway, found another paper/card site which doesn't have as many options as the other one but might be worth a look {can you tell im spending far too much time trying to find everything I need for our invites!}


  5. With you on the baby love too {7 days to go for my sis!} and the wedding pics, isnt it great looking at all the old ones.

  6. I know how you feel about having more things to think about and good for you for not making any rushed decisions! I ended up getting asked by a friend if she was going to be a bridesmaid!

  7. What a great picture! I love the cake. Must have been so fun going through all the pics.


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